Our Guide to Aging in Place in Style - Tom Len Custom Homes

Our Guide to Aging in Place in Style

Will your next dream home be your final home? Are you planning to retire and live your golden years in your current space…but it needs some remodeling? Or maybe you’re interested in building an ADU to keep grandma and grandpa close by. You may have come across senior communities, retirement homes, or assisted living facilities. These are great options for aging adults who require supervision or are unable to live independently. However, there is one more choice that aging adults can opt for: aging in place.

The term “aging in place” has gotten a bad rep, but it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your desires or luxury! This means that homeowners like yourself can continue to live in the comfort of their own home and community as they age, instead of moving into settings such as nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Of course there are situations where elderly loved ones can no longer care for themselves or need medical supervision and a nursing home is necessary.

But for independent, able-bodied individuals who have the choice of where to spend their golden years, we highly suggest aging in place…in style! You’ve worked hard your entire life, let’s make sure you can enjoy your retirement in luxury. Whether you’re planning a new custom home that you can enjoy safely for the next 20 years,  or need professional renovations to accommodate your changing needs by next year – we can help.

Our Guide to Aging in Place in Style - Tom Len Custom Homes
Our Guide to Aging in Place in Style - Tom Len Custom Homes
Tom Len Custom Homes is here to make sure you and your loved ones can start the next phase of life comfortably!
Aging Homeowners in the United States

The US Census Bureau states that 16.8% of the population in the USA was over 65 in 2021. That number is expected to grow further and reach 20% by 2060. AARP’s surveys indicate that 77% of individuals (50 and above) wish to continue living in their residences as long as they can. Fortunately there are a lot of options to make that a reality!

Clearly, most people want to stay independent and keep their current way of life, without any major changes to their lifestyle or routine. Aging in place lets you do that, but also offers the flexibility to receive help from live-in caregivers should you choose to create a guest room for them.

Also, today’s smart technology is now helping seniors live comfortably and conveniently. Devices like medical alert systems, telehealth platforms, smart home technologies, and wearable devices help older adults take care of their health, stay in touch, and get help when they need it. To enable aging in place, home modifications are often necessary to meet the changing needs of older adults.

These modifications can include adding ramps, grab bars, and handrails, as well as improving accessibility throughout the home. But these aspects don’t need to be dull or unsightly! Tom Len’s Lead Interior Designer, Rachel Gilman, offers stylish, glamorous ways to ensure your home supports healthy, safe aging without compromising on aesthetic, luxury, or sophistication.

Our Guide to Aging in Place in Style - Tom Len Custom Homes
Top Benefits of Aging in Place
  • Aging in place is a wonderful option that allows homeowners to spend their golden years in the comfort of their own house full of wonderful memories.
  • Staying in the same neighborhood means you can maintain a sense of belonging and community, and even remain close to friends and family.
  • Personalized medical care, live-in caregivers, and other equipment can be easily accommodated as your health needs change.
  • There’s no need to downsize and part with your beloved items or family heirlooms. You can have all the smart storage space you need on your own property.

Our Guide to Aging in Place in Style - Tom Len Custom Homes

Tom Len’s Expert Guide for Aging in Style

Designing a Luxury Home with Retirement in Mind

Designing a new custom home for retirement (or remodeling your existing space) is an exciting opportunity – and a smart investment! This project doesn’t have to be a dull experience or seen as a negative. It can be hard to come to terms with our aging parents, or picturing ourselves elderly and retired. But proper planning now will make your life much more enjoyable and carefree later on. Why not reap all the rewards of your hard work all these years?

While you may require grab bars or ramps, that doesn’t mean your house has to lack style or the wow-factor…this is especially true when you partner with TLCH! This is your chance to create a wish list of everything you’d like your home to include during the next phase of life to be as convenient and luxurious as possible. Planning to build an ADU on your property for the in-laws? We can help with that, too!

Here’s what to consider including when designing a luxury space with aging mind:

  1. Main Bedroom on the First Floor: Design the master bedroom on the ground floor for convenience and accessibility, minimizing the need to navigate stairs.
  2. Accessible and Luxurious Bathrooms: Bathrooms become dangerous to use for adults as the risk of slips and falls is higher. Incorporate accessible bathroom features such as curbless showers, baths with a door for easy entry, and lower countertops that prioritize safety and comfort without compromising on luxury aesthetics. Wider entryways and slip-resistant flooring make the bathrooms safer to use.
  3. Elevator: Adding an elevator to your home design ensures you have easy access to different levels. This is particularly helpful for people who face mobility challenges in old age.
  4. Home Theater or Entertainment Space: Create a dedicated home theater or entertainment space where you can enjoy movie nights or host gatherings, ensuring luxurious and enjoyable experiences within the comfort of your own home.
  5. Guest Bedrooms for Family Visits: Plan additional bedrooms to accommodate family members or guests, providing a comfortable and inviting space for grandchildren or visitors to stay.
  6. Sunroom or Outdoor Retreat: Spending time outdoors can be relaxing and is great for health. Designing a sunroom or a well-appointed outdoor retreat area can help you relax, read, or enjoy the fresh air and natural light while still being protected from the elements.
  7. Integration of Smart Home Technology: Incorporate smart home technology throughout the house, including automated lighting, temperature control, security systems, and entertainment systems. These allow easy control and access without having to move too much.
  8. Thoughtful Lighting Design: Implement a lighting design that combines functionality and ambiance, including adjustable lighting levels, dimmers, and strategically placed fixtures to create a welcoming and well-lit environment.
  9. Well-Equipped Home Office or Study: Create a well-equipped home office or study area with ample space, comfortable seating, and technology infrastructure to support remote work or personal hobbies, ensuring a luxurious and productive workspace. As you age, this can continue to be a space for you to read, relax and engage in your hobbies.
  10. Guest House or Additional Living Quarters: Consider incorporating a guest house or separate living quarters on the property for a caregiver or additional family members, providing privacy and convenience while ensuring support and assistance when needed.

Our Guide to Aging in Place in Style - Tom Len Custom Homes

Age in Place with a Luxury Custom Home or Accessibility Renovations

When building a custom home or embarking on a remodel, it’s essential to consult with architects, interior designers, and a professional homebuilder (like Tom Len). We have the perfect combination of luxury home design experience and aging-in-place expertise to ensure that your beautiful home project meets your specific needs and desires, while also maintaining a luxurious environment. We believe in keeping a balance of functionality and style!

The TLCH team can help you customize your home to match your preferences, personal taste, and more. This is your opportunity to add that modern kitchen, stunning sunroom, or home theater you’ve always wanted. If you’re curious about renovating your living space or building your dream home with accessibility features for aging in place, we’ve got you covered! Considering wider door frames or lower countertops? No problem!

As the premier home builder in the North Shore for over 20 years, we promise our clients 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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