Elegant Home Design & Decor with Tom Len Custom Homes Pinterest

Elegant Home Design & Decor with Tom Len Custom Homes Pinterest

If you love Pinterest as much as we do, then you know this fantastic site can give you a galore of design inspiration! Whether you’re planning luxury home renovations for next year or just want to spruce things up, here’s a great place to start! Tom Len Custom Homes Pinterest boards will guide you in the right direction.

Find elegant design and decor for your luxury home with Tom Len Custom Homes Pinterest

Tom Len’s Custom Home Projects

Your first stop on the journey of finding inspiration is our Custom Home Projects board! Inside this aesthetically pleasing board, you will find a wide variety of our past and recent projects. It’s full of breathtaking images from the many custom homes we’ve built and designed.

From the front exterior to the finished basement to the backyard, you can view intricate details of how we build custom luxury properties based on each of our client’s unique desires. There are subtle yet outstanding design highlights, such as copper framework, broad front doors, use of natural materials, gold accents, and majestic entryways that captivate people from the moment they walk through the door.

Are you considering a custom home build or renovations for next year? Browsing this Pinterest board will help give you a solid understanding of Tom Len Custom Home’s fresh, trendy, and classic designs.

Connect with us and start the process of your custom home build!

Tom Len Custom Homes - North Shore Custom Home Builders - Ash Home 2020
Tom Len Custom Homes - North Shore Custom Home Builders - Ash Home 2020
Tom Len Custom Homes - North Shore Custom Home Builders - Ash Home 2020
Tom Len Custom Homes - North Shore Custom Home Builders -Peach Tree Home 2021
Tom Len Custom Homes - North Shore Custom Home Builders -Peach Tree Home 2021

Seasonal Curb Appeal

The exterior of your home is a vital way to keep your home looking its best all year long. Simply cutting the grass and sweeping the fallen leaves is a good start, but making your home stand out in the neighborhood requires creativity and landscaping expertise. Get inspired for this season by the beautiful Autumn Curb Appeal section that uses vibrant hues of orange, magenta, cocoa browns, and sunset yellows!

This Seasonal Curb Appeal board gives you exterior home design ideas every season or specific occasion of the year. Check out fun tips for Halloween, such as pumpkins of every shade being delicately placed around your home with unique LED lights that give off a colorful glow for a sophisticated spooky effect. Our Curb Appeal board is full of DIY tips and tricks to make your porch and driveway look festive every season.

Interested in more hands-on landscaping and outdoor decor guidance? Give us a call!

See some of our curb appeal tips for further inspiration!

Seasonal Decor

Transform your home every few months to reflect the season with our Seasonal Decor board! We have seen so many possibilities of home decor magic for the seasons and every holiday...your home will set trends for years to come!

Enjoy every holiday and season with fun yet elegant home decor ideas from this board. Looking for new ideas to wow your guests with fireplace and staircase decor on Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas? Find the seasonal magic you are in search of on this board!

Hanukkah and Christmas are just around the corner; we may finally be able to celebrate with our loved ones in person this year! Use this board to allow your home to make a huge statement this holiday season. Create dining tables with handmade napkin holders and plumes of flowers that match the season in the center. Learn which plates, glasses, and silverware work best for a specific look you’re trying to achieve.

Would you like our interior designers to visit your home to guide your home decor? Learn more about how we can help you renovate for the holiday season!

Home Design Decor Tom Len Custom Homes Pinterest 2

Image Source: Pinterest

Home Design Decor Tom Len Custom Homes Pinterest 2

Image Source: Rain and Pine


Who wouldn’t love an elegant spa-like bathroom in their home? While functionality is essential, so is the sense of being at ease in the bathroom. A bathroom should have the luxurious feel of a spa with the cozy feel of a private space. Our Bathrooms board showcases many styles, from classic to new age design. We make sure to keep it up to date with the latest trends!

Significant trends for 2021-2022 include using creative natural materials: sparkling and creamy marble slabs, exposed beams of beautiful wood, and tile made of rich onyx. Guests can’t help but say “ wow” when they use these restrooms with these statement pieces.

Read our blog for bathroom renovation musts!


When you ask people what their favorite feelings are associated with the kitchen, they often describe the natural warmth of cooking and the joy of listening to their loved ones while creating meals together. It’s reasons like this why we believe the kitchen is the heart of every home!

The Kitchens board encapsulates the creative ways a homeowner can personalize their kitchens. If you’re looking for the perfect kitchen that reflects your heart, this board is just the place to start searching. We recommend all clients include a spacious island in their kitchen for preparing meals, sharing meals with family, or snacking on appetizers during parties.

Kitchens can have bold colors and location themes. Some people feel calm in west coast beached-themed kitchens with large stainless steel appliances and pastel backsplashes. While some prefer modern, exposed beams, rich colors, and dual ovens found in the Midwest cozy style. Discover the style that suits you best in this Pinterest board!

Learn about designing your custom home with an open-concept kitchen!

Home Design Decor Tom Len Custom Homes Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

Home Design Decor Tom Len Custom Homes Pinterest

Image Source: Cutler Kitchen & Bath

Dining Rooms

If kitchens are the heart of your home, then dining rooms are an extension of that! So many beautiful memories are created in this space during holiday dinners, special events, and daily meals with our loved ones. A dining room should cater to the family’s needs while also considering how to entertain in the future.

Our Dining Rooms board has a few sections to help you explore which style of dining room suits your home. Browse jaw-dropping tables for large families, floor to ceiling windows, unique light installations, and bold color palettes with seating to match!

Do you wish your dining room had more natural lighting? We can help you accomplish that!

Home Office

By now, most of us have become accustomed to working from home. Do you wish you had a quiet, designated space for work, or for your children to do their homework? Keeping the entire family on track throughout the year requires storage, organization, and a separate space to be productive and get things done. Home offices are the answer to your personal office needs or as a study space for children!

Inside our Home Office board, you can find oversized calendars lined with silver, large desks, minimalist paintings, and bookshelves that lavishly say, “the person who uses this office is well organized!” Use this board to get fun ideas to spark life into your office space…

Learn what kind of office might be right for your home!

Home Design Decor Tom Len Custom Homes Pinterest

Image Source: Decor Aid

Home Design Decor Tom Len Custom Homes Pinterest

Image Source: Covet House


Are you currently deciding which part of your home should hold your sauna, movie theater, or pool table? Why not create the perfect space for both? Within our Basements board, you will find excellent design inspiration for utilizing the ample space in your basement to make it functional and enjoyable!

Gone are the days when the basement was only limited to a playroom or random place to store things when the attic was too full. Basements are now being converted into a spot for luxury and fun! The sections in this board include: basement home theatres, spa and gym, basement wine cellar, luxury bar & entertainment, and luxury gaming room.

Let’s work together to create the basement you’ve always dreamed of!


Being outdoors is a beautiful way to feel connected to the earth and center yourself. Having a backyard sanctuary is a homeowner’s dream, your own private place to enjoy the outdoors. Most of our clients desire a beautiful outdoor area that fits their everyday lifestyle.

Have you always wanted a safe place to gaze at the stars? Have bonfires in the fall? And cool off in the pool in the summer months? Imagine your own backyard designed for entertaining guests where you could catch up with friends while grilling in your outdoor kitchen area!

Inside our Backyards board, you will find sections that focus on creating luxury outdoor living spaces, fire pits, outdoor kitchen inspiration, poolside entertainment, and much more. Get excited to enjoy your backyard year-round with this helpful board!

Plan your future luxury backyard renovation in time to enjoy next summer!

Home Design Decor Tom Len Custom Homes Pinterest

Image Source: Emily Followill

Home Design Decor Tom Len Custom Homes Pinterest

Image Source: HCH

By now you must be excited to start pinning from your favorite Tom Len Custom Homes Pinterest boards! Whether you’re planning a custom home build for next year or thinking about future luxury home renovations, getting design inspiration is your first step!

Once you’ve gathered and organized your home design and decor ideas, the next step is to take action! Feeling overwhelmed? Our interior designers are here to guide you every step of the way with design decisions. Connect with our experienced home building team to get the ball rolling on your luxury home project!

Happy pinning! Looking for more? On our website, we feature each of our unique custom homes to give future clients like you inspiration for your own designs!

Contact Tom Len Custom Homes to learn more about the services we offer: (847) 205-9200

Tom Len Custom Homes proudly serves the following areas in Chicago’s North Shore: Northfield, Glenview, Glencoe, Deerfield, Wilmette, Winnetka, Highland Park, and Riverwoods.
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