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Pro Tips for a Smooth Home Remodeling Experience

A new year paves the way for the start of home renovations! Have you been putting off your home remodeling project because of COVID-19? Now that we all know more about the pandemic and have extensive safety protocols in place, 2021 is the perfect time to finally get started!
Is your family ready to embark on the exciting journey of a home remodel? The first and most important step (besides finding a reputable home builder like Tom Len Custom Homes) is making sure you prepare for the renovations ahead of time. Protect your property from possible hazards and prep your family for any temporary inconveniences with our helpful guide!
Tom Len Custom Homes - Ash 2
Tom Len Custom Homes Shares Pro Tips for a Smooth Home Remodeling Experience…

Create a calendar: Before the strike of the first hammer and nail, take a few moments to organize your personal calendar. Add any specific dates connected to renovations, timelines, or deliveries. By having a well planned calendar, you can help your family members stay on track of the day to day comings and goings of this detailed project. Plus it will help you stay organized as you plan your personal life around the project schedule.

Timelines have more than one purpose: Within your calendar, you can keep a realistic timeline of where each part of your home project should be at. If the main walls of your renovated space are supposed to be created and up within 6 weeks, this gives you a timeline of when you may be able to be in and out of your home. Timelines help monitor the progress of the renovations construction and give you an idea of which area are accessible when.

“While the timeframe will largely depend on the scope of the project as well as the budget, you should set a clear timeline for your renovation work and allow additional time for contingencies to ensure that you stay on track. Try to set a rough deadline for when you’d like the project to be completed as the ability to see the finish line will keep you motivated throughout.” Finder.com

Create non-work zones: Remodels are a huge upheaval of wherever the new creation is taking place. With that being said, you need to be mindful of how that particular area of your home (the space being worked on) will alter your everyday living and access to what you need. Also, if you aren’t careful, the mess that comes from the area being renovated (such as dust) can travel over to other areas of the home. Set clear boundaries and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Designate specific entrances and exits: This tip is primarily for the coming and going of workers and delivery service members. Discuss this with your contractor prior to building. Knowledgeable builders like Tom Len have the know-how to help you with limiting excess work damage. Section control will help the containment of major traffic disturbances associated with the project. Limiting the opportunity to spread mud, wood shavings, general construction debris and even germs.

Tom Len Custom Homes - Ash 2

Where to sleep: You may decide (or need to) temporarily remove yourself from the property if the home renovations are too disruptive to your daily life. Some remodeling projects will not allow the family to stay within the main house or central structure of the home. Let’s say the water and gas must be turned off during the renovation for safety measures…it would be impossible to stay at home in that situation. Even noise pollution and general disturbances of the estate can cause residences to take up living (temporarily) elsewhere. Kids may have difficulty studying with so much noise going on.

“First and foremost, you’ll have a much more pleasant living experience if you aren’t staying in a home that’s doubling as a construction site. This means you’ll avoid the general and unpleasant common occurrences during construction such as dust pile-up, noise, and the constant flow of workers that are going to and from your home.” Brinks Home Security

Rent a hotel suite or Airbnb: You aren’t the first home owners to undergo long-term home renovations that may take several months. Many well established hotels have plans specifically for customers with long-term needs. When you stay in a hotel during a renovation, you can opt for a suite that caters to your family’s personal needs, such as rooms with living areas and kitchens. Multiple bathrooms for larger families. There are a wide array of amenities available. Here are some hotels with exemplary renovation stay reviews:

Perhaps staying in a hotel doesn’t suit your family. You might prefer a more “at home” like atmosphere with a controlled environment, and no other guests to consider. Airbnb is just the answer! Airbnb has homes in over 34,000 cities worldwide – with more than 600 literal castles for rent. You can simply choose a property that meets your personal needs and standards or choose a fun property that the family will enjoy! This wonderful home renting luxury can give you the feeling of being at home away from home.

If you don’t want to stay at a hotel or Airbnb: Another option is to stay in the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) on your property if you have one. ADU’s otherwise known as carriage houses, backyard cottage or in-law suites, are beneficial because they allow you to observe the renovations and keep a close eye on what’s happening in the main house while still enjoying peace and privacy.

Tom Len Custom Homes - Ash 2
Tom Len Custom Homes - Ash 2

Quick tips for success: The key to a successful home remodeling experience is a well planned system! Here are a couple helpful tips to keep in mind…

  • Have proper PPE on your job site! Even though most construction and build employees are well versed in the safety protocols during a pandemic, you should still be prepared. Always have masks, gloves, and bottles of sanitizer readily available throughout your property to help everyone maintain proper safety precautions.
  • Use runners or floor liners to prevent the tracking of construction debris in your home. Having people move throughout your property during a renovation is all part of the process. Reduce the long term effects it can have on your flooring by actively protecting them with plastic/paper runners. If they are replacing your floors then you can skip this step!
  • Plan storage spaces and pack important belongings before the work begins. Make sure everyone grabs what they need ahead of time (such as clothes, medication, and important documents) so no one runs into an inconvenience. “Renovation projects require the removal of the “stuff” that typically lives in the space…furniture, appliances, home decor, etc. You will need a place in your home to serve as a temporary holding area for this stuff while the project is underway.” Refined Rooms LLC
  • Cover all of your furniture you don’t plan on using while a room in the house is being renovated. Drop sheets and plastic covering can help to reduce the amount of dust or scraps that could land on your furniture. Some pieces are too large to move out of the room but still need to be protected!

Remember to stay calm and enjoy the ride: In the thick of things, your home remodel project may feel overwhelming. Your vision for your renovated space is coming along but you can’t quite see the end of the tunnel. It’s easy to get caught up in the details of the day to day and forget to see the bigger picture. Take a break by stepping away from your home. Let the professionals do their jobs. Renovations are a massive overhaul and will take some time. But it is well worth the end result!  The mess is a part of the process. To add some fun, you can take pictures and videos to document the before and after!

Trust is vital: The best step to experiencing a smooth renovation journey is to hire an experienced home builder such as Tom Len! Like any new build, you need to start with a strong foundation. A base you trust will support anything connected to it. The same goes for choosing a home builder and team with your best interests in mind. “You need to have an amazing sense of trust with your contractor. You need to be able to trust that they are doing the right thing. If you trust the people you’re working with, it takes away the stress.” This Old House

If choose to work with the experts at Tom Len Custom Homes, you can be sure your project will be a seamless process from start to finish!

We pride ourselves in being extremely professional, respectful of our clients homes, and transparent with you every step of the way. Whether planning a complete custom build or a home remodel, the final project always exceeds our clients’ expectations! When partnering with Tom Len Custom Homes, you are investing in personal involvement, an eye for the exquisite, and quality beyond compare. Need proof? Read these featured client testimonials to see for yourself…

Remodeling is an extremely worthwhile long-term investment. Our wide range of residential additions from rooms to complete second stories will add significant value to your current home. We want to shine a new light on any diamond in the rough. Let us take your home to the next level in 2021! Our expert team is ready to listen to your concept and design a more functional kitchen, add a master suite, build out to give aging parents independence through a separate entrance or turn an unfinished basement into the sports den you’ve been wanting.

Tom Len Custom Homes is the North Shore’s reputable, premier home builder. Tom’s years of home design & build expertise has earned him a solid reputation for high standards, quality materials, and reliable communication.
Our team is truly your one stop shop for luxury home services. Connect with a custom home builder who will be the strong foundation of your renovations! Watch this video to get to know more about Tom Len and his process.
View our gallery for design ideas. Contact us to give your home a makeover in 2021!
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