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The Foundation of the Tom Len Custom Home Distinction
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A Future Through the Roof

Excellence that exceeds expectations doesn’t happen automatically in the custom home construction business. You build it dream by customer dream, beam by sturdy beam. You build it by putting your name and reputation on the line, which is what Tom Len has been doing on the prestigious North Shore for more than 20 years. The North Shore simply expects more which is why Tom put down his roots in Northbrook in 1997.

He began in a business where success had a chance to go through the roof… literally. Tom put his talents to work creating LEN Roofing and Remodeling which was remarkably successful in a very short time. In 1997, he began building homes too, applying his strong construction skills and characteristic Tom Len drive.

Hear from Tom Len

By 2004, demand was incredible for both growing businesses. Tom made the decision to put his future where his heart was – in the custom home construction business. Tom sold his roofing company to a close friend and that business has continued to do well and is currently a strong competitor in the roofing market.

Success Builds Upon Success

“When I started getting very serious, someone suggested that I put down formal roots in Northbrook. I didn’t even know where Northbrook was at the time, but when my friend drove me through town, I knew I had found the home for the homes I wanted to build—moderate to luxury homes, homes that capture and express my client’s wishes and my need to express myself creatively and leave works of art behind.”

Tom loved Northbrook so much he bought a home in the town the same day he cruised through and the rest is history and his story. Over a more than 20-year span, Tom’s firm has crafted countless homes, remodels, room additions, kitchens and bathrooms. Today, Tom and his company primarily focus on design build, new construction, and remodeling, but the firm isn’t washed up in the bathroom or kitchen business by any means.

A Mission of Distinction

Since day one, Tom has been on a mission of distinction for his company defined by:

1. Customization to your dreams – you’ll beam about it – guided by his experience and knowledge of cost realities.

2. With an eye for “exquisite,” Tom Len constructs take-your-breath away exteriors and interiors. One glance through our “fine art” gallery provides proof.

3. Quality beyond compare, which means the firm does everything internally using their own craftsmen – from the tile, cabinetry, wood floors, to painting and more.

4. Diverse and comprehensive capabilities, from helping to purchase the property in the first place, to building the home, offering interior design services, helping to sell it when the time comes and even maintaining it while some of his elite clientele enjoy the luxury of a winter away from The Windy City.

5. Personal involvement, caring and the careful construction of long-term relationships. Clients become friends and that hopefully never ends.

To every project, Tom Len lends all the skill he and his crew can, but he also lends his name and reputation to one-of-a-kind home landmarks that super-satisfied homeowners embrace as their own.

Four Things Customers Are Surprised To Learn:

1. This is a super-meticulous person. Mr. Len acknowledges he is a bit of a neat freak, is super-organized and loves order. It’s the way he is professionally and personally. Sites are left in pristine condition –even as construction proceeds. This is precisely what you want in a contractor. Someone who is fixated on every detail to ensure your satisfaction and beyond.
2. Tom Len Custom Homes is flexible. When it comes to work schedules built around you, accommodating your resources and professional alliances, you can count on this company bending over backwards so much, you might think the firm is run by a yoga instructor. (No way, by the way.)
3. Family comes first. Your family of course and his own. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Building a home that fits you and your children, if you have them — your needs to walk in the door and smile broadly, take a deep breath and know you are surely home. How (relatively) young he is. Given his accomplishments and the fact that he’s built dozens of homes and remodels, he should be on social security, but he’s just on “security” –the assurance of meeting customer desires and building equity and value—that never grows old!
4. Mr. Len cares for his own family with an abiding passion. He adores his two children and lovely wife. They’ve been married for 16 years and are building their dreams for the future right along with yours. According to his son, “My dad Tom and his awesome building creations make the measurement right on the mark!”

Meeting the Criteria of A Local Staple

“I want to be the guy people come to for the highest level of work possible. I want to be able to walk into the grocery store in Northbrook and be proud, happy, cheerful and to run into my customer friends and catch up –versus dashing into the pizza aisle with fear of a close encounter frozen on my face.”

Roots that Dig Deep in Real Estate

TLCH (Tom Len Custom Homes – with a TLC in it), offers more on the North Shore because Tom took the time to become a Realtor and get a Managing Broker’s license. These two real estate credentials can mean great convenience for customers by allowing one-stop dream-home shopping with a known, reliable and highly recommended source.

Tom now happily shares his real endeavors with someone else well established in the business. He is co-owner and Managing Broker of well-known and respected Jaffe Realty, Inc. in Northbrook.

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