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Tips for Designing Your Luxury Kitchen for Entertaining

Kitchens are the heart and soul of your home. Family and friends naturally gravitate toward the kitchen during the holiday festivities. People are drawn to the mouthwatering smells of delicious food and the sounds of conversation & laughter. Your kitchen might also be the central place for holiday baking with children and caterers preparing for special events. As you begin to envision what lies ahead, overwhelming thoughts might pop up around clutter, storage, space, and design. Let us help remove any stress you’re feeling about hosting events in the upcoming year! Check out our expert list of what matters most while building (or remodeling) your luxurious, high end kitchen – designed with entertaining in mind!

The Island

Kitchen islands provide both functionality and a beautiful focal point for socializing. It serves as a wonderful workspace for food prep for caterers or even creating Sunday family meals together. Islands are a great way to include more seating and cabinetry at the same time! Maybe you’d like to add a range hood over your stove/grill or deep stainless steel stinks? Imagine how the large space would provide ample storage for cookware and an ambiance for memorable conversations… Are you a working professional? Click here to learn more about creating a “smart kitchen” that fits your lifestyle.

Walk In Pantry

Keep your kitchen organized and food supplies handy by storing everything in one central location with a reach-in or walk-in pantry. If you love the idea of your space looking clean and keeping items hidden, choosing tall panel pantry doors will keep your kitchen sleek.  A swinging pantry door often makes reaching your items fast and easy.  Our designers will help you decide on the best option for your lifestyle. Imagine having a designated shelf for baking supplies, a shelf for spices, and a shelf for condiments! No need for a cluttered kitchen table or counter tops.

Drink Stations and Cellars

Wine Storage
Are you a “wino”? If you drink a lot of wine and have your own collection, there are different options of how to keep it in your home. Different types of  wines are best enjoyed at different temperatures. Wine storage systems such as fridges or basement cellars are a great idea for keeping your wine collection at the right temperature while looking stylish – plus they can hold up to hundreds of bottles at a time! Whether free-standing or built-in, there are many types of wine fridges to choose from. Some are even small enough to be displayed right in your kitchen or great room. The consensus is that it’s a guaranteed way to improve the look of your kitchen, provide easy access to wine, and can even be a conversation starter.

Beverage Station
The next level of an “at-home bar”. Beverage stations are extremely convenient…and fun! Adults and children are enamored with their offerings, accessibility and ease of use. Depending on how much space you have, the beverage station can include as many options as desired. Most popular are a coffee and tea bar, wine and other alcoholic beverages, juice and energy drinks. Once you decide on the offerings, then there is an allotment for the appliances such as an ice maker, wine refrigerator, blender, storage cabinets, tea kettle, drawers for utensils, fun toppings, and refrigerator drawers for kids’ milk, drinks and creamers!

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Deep Freezer
Including a deep freezer is a wonderful way to freeze food prep for the week or store leftovers after big meals. It can also be a cost effective way to grocery shop by buying items in larger qualities, for instance ordering steaks in bulk, storing bountiful garden produce, indulge in baking sessions and purchase items on sale for future use. Did someone say ice cream party? If you have a large family or entertain throughout the year, this is a fabulous add-on to your kitchen. Bonus: A deep freezer is more energy efficient than an upright freeze!

Warming Drawer
Preparing for a dinner party usually means food is ready several hours before guests are scheduled to arrive. A warming drawer allows you to prepare the food and keep it nice and warm until everyone is ready to eat. Plus it keeps all of the dishes out of the way. The warming drawer can hold temperatures of between 90-250 degrees and maintains the food’s quality. Some drawers have dry and moist settings, while some models also able to be used as a slow cooker. A truly helpful appliance allows you to mingle with guests and serve all courses at the right time!

Don’t Forget Style!

Color enhances the design of every home by setting a “mood”, making a statement, and creating a certain energy.  Whether you want to be bold, add visual interest, or make a few updates during your kitchen remodel, selecting stylish on-trend colors is an easy way to elevate the interior design of your home. Cabinets and countertops will pop based on the type of materials chosen. 2020’s popular modern kitchen design trends focus on the inclusion of intense daring colors such as dark red, bright yellow, navy blue and dark greys. In 2020, there will be no limitation in terms of color as long as it is combined with classic kitchen cabinet finishes and materials like dark oak wood, trendy black laminate, classic whites or neutral glass cabinet finish. Countertops are continuing to evolve with marble, soapstone, and travertine. Wood countertops made of rich walnut and ironwood are also gaining steam.

Custom kitchens are the main stage for so many interactions that involve more than preparing and eating food. Every kitchen experience touches our senses and emotions with the use of space, lighting, and color. While technology has improved luxury kitchen appliances to better serve our needs, nothing will ever replace the shared laughter, the joy from grabbing a hot cookie right from the oven or the excitement of hearing the news about a big promotion. Tom Len highly respects each client’s unique lifestyle, luxury desires, and custom home dreams. Browse our “Kitchens” board on Pinterest for inspiration!

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