Create Your Dream Home with Top Design Trends for 2020 - Tom Len Custom Homes

Create Your Dream Home with Top Design Trends for 2020

Have you thought about what the New Year will look like for you and your family? January is the perfect time to begin thinking about resolutions for ourselves and our homes! While our personal lives may need a bit of refreshing, our homes deserve the same kind of attention too. Infusing your spaces with the latest trends in an elegant, non overwhelming manner can be tricky – we’ve got you covered. Walls scratched and paint chipping? Wood floors scuffed and tile loose? Kitchen outdated and bathroom has lost it’s magic? Embarrassed to host dinner parties? Tom Len Custom Homes will shine a new light on any diamond in the rough!

Trends tend to come and go with the years, and experts are already projecting the go-to design trends they expect to see more of in 2020. When is the last time you updated your living space? The overall theme for this upcoming year is to give the home a comfortable look inspired by nature and openness. The tendency will be to look make homes feel more welcoming; less perfection and more relaxed, cohesive vibes. Now is the time to remodel your home with the next decade in mind.

Let’s take a look at some of the most eye-opening trends for decor, color pallets, ambiance, and design in 2020:

Captivating Kitchens

Pioneer Industries shares a few ways to make your kitchen pop…

“Quartz Countertops: While we wouldn’t say that marble or granite countertops are going out of style, in 2020 we’ll see an uptick in quartz counters in kitchens and bathrooms. Both their slighter lower cost and color variations are selling points for quarts as it grows in popularity in the coming year.

Oversized Hardware: Oversized hardware, especially on drawer pulls, is an easy and stylish way to modernize the kitchen. Hardware color trends include matte black and brushed nickel, as well as mixed hardware on top and bottom sets of cupboards. Other popular colors for the coming year are gold and copper, giving a kitchen an eye-catching pop of color without tackling a major renovation project.

Glass Cabinetry: As Americans cut back on clutter (thanks to popular tv shows), the result is more organized dishware, ready to stand the test of display. Top-glass cabinets, or even just a single set in the kitchen, are boldly bringing back the style trend of the ’90s with panache.

Color: Kitchen color is nothing to shy away from in 2020. From homeowners that opt-in for colored cabinets, to those who go for a more conservative pop of color through artwork and glassware displays.

Wall Features: It’s all in the beautiful details when it comes to eye-catching kitchens, and those details shine as accent walls as we head into 2020. Counter-to-ceiling tile backsplashes or patterned wallpaper shows off homeowner personality and will take center stage in upcoming kitchen makeovers.”

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Create Your Dream Home with Top Design Trends for 2020 - Tom Len Custom Homes

Bold Bathrooms

Check out these top trends from Badeloft USA…

“Freestanding bathtubs and sinks: A bathroom classic that doesn’t go out of style and it’s quite easy to see why as they match any bathroom decor with ease whether you want a more modern look of stone resin or something more classic like clawfoot or copper. Though they may appear pricey, both freestanding bathtubs and sinks will increase the value of your home as well as retain their value through the test of time.

Bold Colors: Adding vibrancy or a striking look doesn’t necessarily require adding a new sink or cabinets, sometimes it is as simple as just repainting your existing bathroom. Another popular trend is replacing your old drab colors for something more striking and noticeable. Lime green is a common choice, giving your home a summer feel, while matte black is becoming very popular, providing a strong accent to your white accessories and toiletries. Blue matches well with more saturated spaces, orange adds more warmth and depth, the list goes on, so experiment and see what appeals to you.

Modern Light Fixtures: Not often considered, but an easy and cheap way to upgrade your bathroom or any space is the inclusion of light fixtures. Even installing a small sconce near your mirror can greatly change the mood and lighting in your space. More popular though are small chandeliers or hanging bulbs which can greatly amp up the mood if desired.

Open concept: An ever popular trend is the open concept, providing both privacy and a wide open space whatever your preference. Doing away with restrictive barriers and walls and having just your bathroom exist as a large open area for your own needs provides a liberating feeling that will continue as a popular trend throughout 2020. Although it should be noted that while a shower-bath combo is a great idea, with this look, it might not be as practical so an open shower with a separate bathtub are recommended.

Hidden Storage: A very popular trend with very practical applications as space and storage is always a premium in any bathroom. The concept is taking an existing item in your bathroom, ie, your cabinets, vanities, shelves and applying another storage area within it. Your vanity for instance, you can add small specialized compartments to the existing drawers inside for more personal items that won’t mix with your other bathroom items. “

“Your Spa-Inspired Master Bath Retreat Awaits…” for more ideas!

Create Your Dream Home with Top Design Trends for 2020 - Tom Len Custom Homes

Sustainable Architecture for Custom Home Builds

New Decor Trends shares architectural insights for your new home design…

“Open and multipurpose spaces: environments is becoming clearer. This solution will allow you to enjoy more meters, what you gain from the partitioned walls, and very practical spaces for the whole family. Use building materials that serve as a link between the rooms and decorate the entire room in a consistent way, to gain space and light. The integration of the kitchen and the living room is the most common in the floors with a few meters. But you can also choose to join the living room with the terrace or the living room with the bedroom. In the market there are folding and retractable furniture that will help you in these cases so that you can pass from one to another naturally.

The contract concept: This innovative concept creates innovative working environments through open, transparent and transparent spaces. According to the new methodology at work, which advocates collaboration and teamwork, offices are conceived as constantly changing spaces that can be adapted at any time to the needs of users. The contract concept is transferred to the houses to create multifunctional spaces without partition walls between some rooms and with rooms limited by glass walls.

Enjoy the outdoors all year: The terraces and balconies can be enjoyed throughout the year if you condition them properly. They are a trend in architecture glass enclosures without profiles, so-called glass curtains, which allow you to open the space fully when the good weather arrives. If you have an outdoor space, however small, you can place mobile stoves to combat the cold.

Passive houses: What emerged as a trend in architecture, the passive house, has become a philosophy of life and a way of understanding how the relationship with the environment should develop. The architectural design in these homes has the primary objective of using available resources, maximizing energy savings. Thus, passive houses not only save their owners, they also contribute to improving the health and quality of life of those who inhabit them. The concern for the environment and commitment to its care are social aspects that are reflected in the architectural trends of 2020. The use of less polluting materials and sustainable buildings is increasingly an objective of individuals and public administrations in construction of buildings.”

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Create Your Dream Home with Top Design Trends for 2020 - Tom Len Custom Homes

Bonus: Check our more design trends for 2020 from Elle Decor! As you can see, the next decade of luxury home design focuses on open spaces, glass accents, patterned wallpaper, sustainable living, and hiding the clutter. Remodel your home to open it up for a new year of possibilities and let the natural light shine! Or start planning your luxury custom home with the latest architecture and design trends in mind to make it a home you’ll love and be proud to show off to guests!

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