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The Advantages of Working With an Interior Designer

Building your custom home is an exciting, multi-stage process that can feel overwhelming at times. Tom Len Custom Homes has over 20 years of experience proudly serving as a one-stop shop approach to building luxury homes. Custom design work from Tom Len doesn’t always mean that we’re just building your home, we are also offering interior design services to complete YOUR home, YOUR way!

We are fortunate to offer clients the talents of our amazing full time interior designer. While you might already have an interior designer in mind, working with our experienced and reputable designers truly listen to your needs to provide you with personal guidance in finding the products to fulfill your lifestyle needs. Consulting with Tom Len’s interior designers will also ensure that the decision making process stays on track with specified deadlines & allocated interior design budget, keeping your project on target & on time!

5 Advantages of Working with an Interior Designer

  1. Couples don’t always agree on the same vision for their dream home. Not to fear, interior designers help reconcile conflicting styles and blend each person’s perspective together into unique & effective solutions that will make everyone happy!
  2. Interior Designers keep up with the latest trends and techniques. They have a keen eye for color, motif, shapes, patterns and creating that “feeling” you want every room to convey. In our digital world, clients are often looking to include smart home technology, such as remote audio and lighting control, to enhance the way they live and to reduce energy costs. It’s wise to consult the experts who are interacting with living spaces every day to find out how to incorporate technology in a tasteful manner.
  3. Worried about sticking to your agreed up design budget? Interior designers know when to invest in luxury items and elegant custom features, while also keeping in mind when to be economical without sacrificing your style. Projects can easily go over budget, so designers will oversee selections of cabinetry, lighting and other items to help keep you on track!
  4. Interior designers have connections to the best sources for unusual items not available to the general public. They have built up their network over many years – this helps them find the best pricing and quality to have each room complete the client’s vision while reflecting their personal style. Not everything you’re looking for can be found on Amazon or IKEA!
  5. Planning out every little – yet important –  detail of every room (bathroom, kitchen, etc.) can be overwhelming, especially if this is your first custom home. The endless variety of possibilities and choices are abundant! Between deciding on beautiful pieces of furniture, color palettes, lighting, wood finishes, textures, counter tops, window treatments – it’s a job that requires an expert! Some of the current 2019 trends we see are Patone’s living coral as the color of the year; smart lighting systems that follow the sun’s natural patterns—such as those by NOON Lighting, and the Quartz explosion.

Clients find that they love the process of working with our experienced (and very creative) interior designers.  At Tom Len Custom Homes, we are fortunate to have one of Chicago’s BEST interior designers on staff.  They will work with you to make your home luxurious from the inside out, reflecting your unique style, taste, and needs.

When you choose to partner with Tom Len, it’s the beginning of creating your family’s happily ever after. Let’s start designing & building your dream home today!

Let’s Design Your Luxury Custom Home Together!

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