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Benefits of Luxury Home Renovations & Custom Home Builds

During these dark and chilly months, keep yourself energized and inspired with home design plans for the future! Fall and winter are actually the best times of the year for planning your luxury home renovations or new custom home build blueprints. By beginning your design wishlist and curating ideas during this time of year, you’ll have a jumpstart on your home project for the new year and hopefully, be ready to get started once spring rolls around.

When was the last time you upgraded your living space? Have you noticed problem areas, or things you wished looked differently? Or are you considering moving to a new home altogether? There are many reasons why it’s time for a custom home remodel or building a new home from the ground up!

Inside this blog, we’ll break down the many benefits of luxury home renovations and unique custom home builds. Use this guide to gain clarity on what’s the best route for your exciting home project for 2022…

Your Home, Your Way

More often than not, if you’ve lived in a home long enough, you can look around and see a few things that need improvement. Your family has grown, but your home has not grown with you. Before you call up your local realtor to start looking for a new home that still may not meet all of your desires, consider injecting new life into your current home…

Renovations allow residents to take on home improvements without it being on a grandiose scale. Home building projects that target specific areas of your house can have a huge impact on the overall feel of your living space! Planning a remodel is a great way to have everything you want, without needing to move the family and leave the home you have so many memories in!

Luxury Amenities

Renovations or custom home builds allow you to customize a property to cater to your evolving desires. When we do consultations with prospective clients, we like to ask this critical design question: What is missing from your current home? When you first bought your home years ago, you may have had zero need for a home office or a private library. Or do the current homes on the market not fit your desires? Over time, our needs change.

These are the details you should focus on when considering what areas of your home need renovating or what you’d like to include in your custom build. Adding additional rooms and renovations that meet your shifting needs is an excellent alternative to buying a brand new home. If you love your current location and neighbors and plan on staying for the long haul, consider a luxury renovation, and treat yourself and your family to an adjustment you can be proud of. Imagine having your own home theater, fitness studio, private spa, or backyard oasis!

Save Time

Time is a significant factor for someone looking to expand their home without the inconvenience of leaving their property for extended periods. Renovations, when compared to brand new home construction, can often be the quicker option for homeowners. When you are not starting a home from scratch, and many of the necessary building foundations are already in place, residential construction teams will have much less work to do. Of course, there can be some exceptions to this, depending on the size and specifications of the project. Renovations don’t have to be stressful on homeowners! Read our pro tips for a smooth home renovation.

“A complete tear-down and rebuild will require you and your family to make other, temporary living arrangements during construction. Consider the extra costs involved that come with having to move out of your home for up to several months if you decide to rebuild.” The Spruce

Benefits of Luxury Home Renovations & Custom Home Builds - Tom Len Custom Homes

Increase Property Value

Remodeling is an extremely worthwhile long-term investment. Adding more square footage to a house increases its overall livability and comfort. Home renovations can protect homes from the wear and tear of time. There are quite a few ways experienced home builders like Tom Len can help you preserve your estate: increasing support beams, updating window frames, and reinforcing existing foundations just to name a few.

Home renovations will also increase the value of your home and boost its future selling potential for when you want to relocate after the kids go away to college. Homeowners create a win-win for themselves when embarking on a luxury home remodel. Their living space improves dramatically and they get more money back when it’s time to sell. Everyone wins!

From Dream to Reality

A home is more than just a place where people rest their heads at night. A dream home should encapsulate all of the luxurious amenities you desire. And don’t forget to use intricate details to show off your personality and style! Whatever your dream home looks like, the guidance of an experienced and trusted builder like Tom Len is valuable.

A custom build can truly bring your dream home to life. Your living space will have a piece of you in every facet of its development. From what flooring you want to how high the desired ceiling is. Another long-term benefit of building a custom home is that you can plan to age in place or make the space accommodating for aging parents. This means that the home will fit your family’s needs for many years to come. For example, adding features like a first-floor master suite or an elevator to make getting around the house very easy. Other features such as curbless showers and wide entryways can be designed for longevity in mind. Having a hands-on approach to your custom design is the ultimate dream come true!

“Custom home builds will allow you to have a say in just about every aspect of the planning and construction. You could start by buying the empty lot and hiring a builder and architect. Then, you would consult with the builder and contractors on the size of the structure—as long as local officials approve it—as well as the exterior and interior details.” Forbes

Benefits of Luxury Home Renovations & Custom Home Builds - Tom Len Custom Homes

Express Your Personality

Beauty is in the details; at Tom Len custom homes, we pride ourselves in helping our clients discover innovative ways of enhancing their homes with breathtaking design elements. When it comes to a custom home, the sky’s the limit in terms of creative and tasteful ways to make your home stand out among the crowd. This fun benefit is all about expressing yourself through your custom home design.

A delightful trend popping up this 2021-2022 home building season is the use of hidden rooms and safe rooms. These secret passageways and rooms are all the rage for custom home build designs, plus they provide a secure area to keep your loved ones and possessions safe. They are creations parallel to the desires of the homeowners. Explore more creative home build projects like hidden rooms and home conservatories on our blog.

Customized to Your Needs

One of the most significant benefits of a custom home build or planning your own home remodel is that you have the power to design a house from the ground up – or alter a space you know so well – with your personal needs in mind! This gives you the ability to choose functional details like the number of bathrooms, the use of natural light, and the layout of the kitchen.

For example, if someone in your home has special needs that require wheelchair accessibility, wide bathtubs, or even staircases built with lower railing, a custom home design is ideal for you. The Tom Len Custom Home design team is highly knowledgeable when it comes to creating unique home builds and remodel blueprints catered to our client’s specifications. We can help you with interior features as well the exterior to fit your lifestyle!

Bonus Benefit: Knowing the Materials Used

We live in a day and age where many of us stop to read the ingredients of whatever we are about to eat before popping it into our mouths. Well, what about the space you live in? Did you know that the materials used to create the structure of your home and the floors can have an affect on your health and allergies? This is not the area to cut corners!

A fantastic benefit of a custom-built home is knowing what materials are brought in to build your home. Green materials are products and building materials that are either safer for the environment and your health or have been recycled. These amazing materials include: marble slabs, refurbished brick, raw stones, and even repurposed wood.

Benefits of Luxury Home Renovations & Custom Home Builds - Tom Len Custom Homes

Regardless of what your exciting home project will entail, you can trust the Tom Len Custom Homes team! We have 20+ years of home build and interior design experience to guide you through the process of a luxury home remodel or a brand new custom home build.

Get some additional home renovation and residential construction inspiration and ideas from our Pinterest boards! Inside our variety of aesthetically pleasing boards, you will find a wide variety of design inspo for every section of your home, as well as galleries of our past and recent projects. Our number one goal is to make our client’s unique dream home become a reality!

View our home project gallery portfolios for design ideas!

Contact us to get started on your home renovation or custom home build in 2022!

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