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Tom Len’s Top 10 Home Design Trends for 2022

At the end of each year, the Tom Len Custom Homes (TLCH) team cultivates a list of trending designs for the upcoming year. Are you curious about the home design trends for 2022? Our luxury home design research is compromised from leaders in the industry and is exhibited in our work through recent projects. The winter months are an ideal season for planning your home project – whether it be a luxury remodel or new home build – for the coming year. This gives us ample time to work together to create a plan for construction to begin in the spring!

We’ve noticed that through the pandemic, unique design and including one’s personal stye has become more important to homeowners now than ever. We’ve been spending more time in our living spaces, we’re not surprised that people really value individual expression and freedom. Realtor Magazine shares: “It makes sense as people have gone from having to be home to wanting to be at home in an environment that expresses their personalities and individual tastes,” says Laurel Vernazza, home design expert at The Plan Collection. “Since no one could travel, homeowners had to bring those experiences into their homes.”

Let’s dive into the top 10 home design trends for 2022…

1. Open Concepts Bring Everyone Together Again

The one thing this past year has taught us is the importance of family and personal connection. People are removing distance from their loved ones, as well as walls! Rooms that roll into each other in an open concept allow homeowners to feel physically connected while in separate rooms, plus it opens up the space to feel larger. An excellent example of this is the open kitchen concept; these new cooking spaces let everyone feel a part of the culinary festivities from all angles of a room. Imagine cooking dinner while getting to converse with your guests who are lounging in the living room!

2. Sustainability is a Must

With the increased shortage of lumber and other materials this past year, NLR says: ” The shortage is the result of growing demand for bigger homes, new construction, and a surge of new DIY-ers amid the pandemic, coupled with supply chain disruption caused by the virus as production cuts and government shutdown orders stifled production at both domestic and foreign mills. As a result of this perfect storm, prices for lumber and other building materials have skyrocketed since the start of the pandemic, and have only just begun to fall, as the increasing supply struggles to catch up with still very high demand.”

Due to the shortage, sustainable and green materials are all the rave! Green materials give homeowners more options for designing their perfect custom home. These refurbished products can include natural woods, stones, and even metals! Not only are some of these sustainable materials aesthetically stunning, but they also allow you to feel good about building a home that doesn’t affect our planet in a negative way.

Top 10 Home Design Trends 2022 - Tom Len Custom Homes
3. Stunning Black Accents

Modern design soars to the next level of chic with bold black accents! People are incorporating this black presence into door frames, windows, appliances, lighting fixtures and trim. Using a solid statement color like black against white will make your beautiful property stand out from the rest on the block. Tom Len Custom Homes has been ahead of this trend with our latest custom home builds. Find more luxury home design ideas while you explore the unique home design accents on our blog!

4. Using Pinterest and Houzz for Design Inspiration

It’s now easier than ever to visually map out your home project! Tap into some of the best home design trends with our fabulous Pinterest boards and Houzz ideabooks! These helpful platforms have become a digital showroom. They are full of amazing, creative interior design ideas you can share with our team when planning your custom home or renovations. If you’re excited to start your home project this year, browse our Pinterest and Houzz projects for fresh, trendy, and classic designs.

Top 10 Home Design Trends 2022 - Tom Len Custom Homes
Top 10 Home Design Trends 2022 - Tom Len Custom Homes
5. Investing in Luxury Renovations

Gone are the days of basic renovations! 2022 is the perfect time to enjoy the fun of designing your own luxurious renovations and reap all the benefits that come with it! If you love your current location and neighbors – and would like to stay for the long haul – consider investing in a beautiful home remodel that you and your family will be proud of. Imagine: movie theater, fitness studio, private spa, backyard oasis…and the possibilities go on! These next level home renovations allow homeowners to feel like royalty. Let’s not forget about the increase in property value these updates will add!

6. Selecting Unique Amenities

Recently, videos of homeowners sharing their exceptional property amenities have gone viral! These trending videos are causing anyone who loves home design to daydream about private instagramable spaces. Wouldn’t you love to make your home extra special and personal by including luxury amenities such as a conservatory, a hidden room, a carriage house, or a safe room? These spaces will serve as a design fingerprint of your family’s creative personality. These unique amenities also provide a great selling point should you ever consider selling your home in the future.

Top 10 Home Design Trends 2022 - Tom Len Custom Homes
7. Custom Lighting Fixtures

Beautiful home lighting shining brightly through custom lighting fixtures are taking center stage in home design projects! Tom Len has always understood that lighting can be used as a unique, beautiful focal point. It’s the luminous key to making your home meet any desired mood and brightening up every space. From relaxed to elegant, our professional interior design team will work with you to create a dazzling ambiance with custom fixtures at the center! Learn more about the benefits of working with our interior design team.

8. Bathrooms as an Experience

It’s time to soak up the good life with a spa-like bathroom experience! Fabulous custom designs with the homeowner’s relaxation needs at the center of them are the trend we’ve all been waiting for. People are in dire need of quiet, private places in their home to relax and unwind. Think shower heads that have 20 settings, heated floors for those cold mornings, and deep bathtubs great for bubbles and wine. Take your bathroom up a notch by adding a sauna and steam shower!

Top 10 Home Design Trends 2022 - Tom Len Custom Homes
Top 10 Home Design Trends 2022 - Tom Len Custom Homes
9. Functional (and Fun) Basements

Homeowners and their loved ones are understanding the importance of having a place in their home that’s multifunctional. Not to mention people are understanding the value of maximizing the use of space in their homes as we’ve all spent a lot of time inside these past two years. Luxury functional basements are now being transformed into fitness studios, yoga rooms, private bars, game rooms, and home movie theaters. This trend is definitely a plus for active families that want to stay fit and have entertainment areas in the safety and comfort of their homes!

10. Creative Home Offices

As we are all well aware by now, home offices and designated study spaces are now a must. Hybrid and remote work are here to stay. Whether you work from home five days a week or two, having a quiet space delegated as your personal workspace is a great way to separate that area and work activities away from other areas of your home. Plus these spaces can double as study rooms and homework areas for your kids after school to help them focus. What’s trending about these professional spaces is how people are customizing their home offices to fit their unique needs.

Top 10 Home Design Trends 2022 - Tom Len Custom Homes
Bonus Luxury Home Design Trends for 2022:
  • Colorful kitchens
  • Biophilic design
  • Metal roofs
  • Outdoor luxury
  • Maximalism design
  • Smart homes

Ready to build your unique new home or renovate your current living space in the new year? All you need to get started is a little luxury home design inspo from our blogs and expert guidance from the TLCH team! Tom Len Custom Homes is the North Shore’s reputable, premier home builder. Tom’s many years of home design & build expertise have earned him a solid reputation for high standards, quality materials, and reliable communication. Read client testimonials to hear what they have to say about their 5-star experience with us!

Now is the time to begin creating blueprints for your custom home build or breathtaking remodel! Contact us today to explore the endless possibilities for your dream home project in 2022.

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