Custom Home Secrets: Unique Hidden Rooms - Tom Len Custom Homes

Custom Home Secrets: Unique Hidden Rooms

With summer coming to an end, you may be finding yourself dreading another midwest winter. Being inside of your home doesn’t have to be a dull experience this year! Whether you’re designing your unique custom home blueprints or looking to renew your passion for your beautiful property, hidden rooms are a must…

Hidden rooms (also known as secret rooms) serve as fun – yet functional – aspects of luxury homes. Consider them to be the camouflaged gems inside your house. Most luxury homes have private areas that only family and some close friends know exist. However, these spaces are taking that same idea to an extraordinary new level

“Builders are getting requests to create hidden rooms in private homes, to serve as home offices, reading rooms, home theaters, wine cellars, children’s play spaces or security zones. People are realizing they’re not just for the movies, anyone can have one.” ABC News

Hidden rooms are exclusive spaces for your favorite activities, encompassed with custom details that showcase your personality. These trendy areas will surely serve as a striking new feature in your current or new home!Custom Home Secrets: Unique Hidden Rooms - Tom Len Custom Homes

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Passageway to an Extraordinary Conservatory

Gone are the days of ground-level conservatories. Design a breathtaking, creative, outdoor-indoor experience on your roof! A hidden rooftop getaway is perfect for stargazers. With a hidden entrance to your rooftop conservatory, you and your guests can enjoy the spectacular views of the stars while relaxing in a secret glass garden.

Be dazzled by the romantic atmosphere of a star-lit conservatory! Imagine a beautiful room hidden at the top of your home, saturated with the warm hues of the setting sun or the luminous glow of a full moon. Rooftop conservatories are ideal for stargazing and cozying up under warm blankets while sipping a glass of wine. Want your private conservatory in another creative location of your home? Explore the various styles of conservatories on our blog!

Design Inspo: Explore more conservatory styles on our Houzz ideabook!

Bookworm’s Paradise: Hidden Library

Are you a book lover? In need of a quiet, comfy space that’s all yours? Imagine having your own happy little corner of the home specifically for prized first editions and newfound classics! A hidden library may be perfect for the avid reader. Even if you aren’t an avid reader, you can still benefit from adding a library to your home. With the television becoming a fixture in most living rooms and bedrooms, it can be hard to “unplug” from the digital world and refocus. This home library can be hidden behind a picture gallery or stone wall in your home; making the space almost feel like a scene out of a spy movie!

A custom library provides you with a space to decompress and unwind, plus it’s a great way to protect valuable copies and your favorite rare editions. Imagine hiding away in the library with your favorite book or magazine, listening to a new podcast, closing your eyes for a mindful meditation break, or sipping on your favorite tea uninterrupted. A private and discreet library can also serve as a dual space for a home office. This lovely area can also be soundproof to prevent outside disturbances during important zoom meetings or calls. Read more about other must-have library features on our blog.

Design Inspo: Take a look at our library board on Pinterest; the possibilities are endless!

“Secret rooms and hidden doors are nothing new. In fact, they go back far into history and have been used to hide everyone from paupers and princes to kings and popes. These concealed entries and passageways, however, have enjoyed a resurgence in recent times as more and more people employ architects and interior designers to create their very own hidden spaces.” Dornob

Custom Home Secrets: Unique Hidden Rooms - Tom Len Custom Homes

Image Source: Pinterest

Custom Home Secrets: Unique Hidden Rooms - Tom Len Custom Homes

Image Source: Pinterest

Your Own Private Spa Retreat Awaits

Do you enjoy going to a day spa for pampering, or escaping to yoga retreats? Sometimes having your own space that caters to the needs of your body and mind is just what the doctor ordered! The master bathroom is the perfect tucked-away room for placing a home spa that only few have access to. The master bathroom can boast many amenities!

Think about the design elements you’d love to see in your dream master bathroom. A few popular ideas include: steam shower, infrared sauna, soaking tub, body sprayers, massage table, heated floors, and double headed showers. Luxury touches like these are a great way to add a soothing piece of serenity to your bathroom design. As we all know, lighting sets the mood. Did you know adjustable lighting can positively affect your mood? As you get ready in the morning, you want the room to be bright and soak in natural lighting, but you may want the lights dim as you soak in the jacuzzi at night. Did you have a challenging workout at the gym? Add a steam shower and body spraying feature to your shower to help those muscles recover and relax. Hire a personal masseuse to give you a well deserved massage right at home! Learn more about the possibilities of a luxury home spa on our blog!

Design inspo: Check out our Pinterest board for master bathroom bathroom designs!

Movie Theaters for Private Viewing Parties

These days, movies come out on streaming apps the same day they are released in theatres. This gives viewers the power to create their own user experience at home. A hidden theatre can be a fun and exciting space for your loved ones! Usually the basement is a large space perfect for this type of environment.

Kids don’t always want to lounge out with their parents on the couch. Give them the exciting experience of having their very own movie theater chair, equipped with cup holders, pockets for cell phones, and snack trays! Take this cool theater up a notch by creating a mysterious labyrinth for guests to explore on their way into the hidden theatre. Don’t forget about setting up the projector and surround sound! This is a sure fire way to add “drama and spectacle” to any movie night. Check out our blog for more basement ideas!

“From underground wine cellars to Batcave-like garages, homeowners are designing living spaces with plenty of concealed nooks and crannies to ensure a quick getaway — or perhaps to simply take their home to the next level. Below are some of the more innovative hidden spaces from around the globe.” Digital Trends

Design inspo: Our Houzz basement ideabook is sure to get the ideas flowing!

Tom Len Custom Homes - North Shore Custom Home Builders - Ash Home 2020
Tom Len Custom Homes - North Shore Custom Home Builders - Ash Home 2020

Added Security: Elevators and Safe Room Access Points

Once a Hollywood trade secret, the panic room is becoming popular in homes that need a safe space. Having a place to go in times of danger is great for your peace of mind and protecting your family. Give your home an added layer of security by hiding your safe space in plain sight! With so many unpredictable challenges and crime rates rising in neighborhoods that never had such statistics, families are choosing to add these extra security measures to their custom home or remodel blueprints.

“Should the owner of this property find themselves needing to lie low, they have just the place ready and waiting! Hidden behind this seemingly ordinary stone wall is a highly secure safe room, designed for escaping or waiting out an intruder. What’s even better, the space cannot be spotted at all from the outside…” Love Property

The fear of being burglarized, property destruction, home invasion, and even severe weather dangers are all legitimate reasons for concern. To put some of these worries to rest, you may want to consider installing a fortified room, otherwise known as a safe room. Experienced homebuilders like Tom Len use innovative methods to create an extra layer of protection for their clients. Tom Len works with clients to build unique safe rooms that each home member can access swiftly, while remaining undetected by a potential threat. Learn more about why your family should invest in a safe room on our blog!

Design inspo: Get creative with your safe room placement with our Pinterest board!

Protect Your Family & Assets with a Luxury Safe Room - Tom Len Custom Homes

Image Source: Pinterest

Protect Your Family & Assets with a Luxury Safe Room - Tom Len Custom Homes

Image Source: Pinterest

There are countless possibilities for designing a hidden room, whether it be a small discreet space like a hidden library, or a passageway to large secret rooms such as an entire home theatre or safe room. Whether you’re remodeling your beautiful home or creating the breathtaking blueprints for your new custom home, Tom Len Custom Homes will make sure this unique space captures your vision and aesthetic!

Ready to bring your luxury home to the next level? 
Tom Len and his designers would love to create the hidden room you’ve always imagined!

Making sure you work with a trustworthy, experienced professional is a MUST! Don’t let just anyone work on your family home. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place! Tom Len has earned a reputable name in Chicago’s North Shore as a builder of luxury custom homes for 20+ years. We pride ourselves in being extremely professional, respectful of our clients homes, and transparent with you every step of the way. Tom Len Custom Homes is known for unique home designs and breathtaking luxury home remodels.

Tom Len’s work not only reflects his skilled craftsmanship, but also displays his unparalleled expertise as a professional contractor earning his company a name synonymous with excellence! The final project always exceeds our clients’ expectations. When partnering with Tom Len Custom Homes, you are investing in personal involvement, an eye for the exquisite, and quality beyond compare! Need proof? Read these featured client testimonials to see for yourself…

Tom Len Custom Homes proudly serves the following areas in Chicago’s North Shore: Northfield, Glenview, Glencoe, Deerfield, Wilmette, Winnetka, Highland Park, and Riverwoods.
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