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The Secret to Making the Most of Your In-Home Library

Picture this: A room dedicated to shelves of books! A space where you can cozy up under a soft blanket, enjoy the quiet, and catch up on new reads. Doesn’t that sound like a dream come true for book worms? Are you a book lover? Make your dream a reality by designing a luxury custom library right in your own home! Create a special space to house all of your favorite books, organizing them however you please (genre, color, alphabetical). The fun doesn’t have to stop there… A luxury library offers multiple functions for you and your family, while also adding personality and style to truly make your home one-of-a-kind. A custom library provides a quiet place to work remotely, give your eyes a break from screen-time, and a dedicated space for students to complete their homework and study.

A Quiet Place to Work Remotely

As technology constantly transforms the way we do business, it isn’t uncommon for many companies to primarily communicate via email, video conferencing, and offer remote opportunities for employees. A luxury library will provide you with a quiet place to work during business hours or catch up on emails during the weekend. An in-home library is the perfect location to build a home office, which is just one way you can customize you home to meet your needs as a professional. Unlike the kitchen island or dining room table – which are right in the middle of family activity – a secluded library provides you with a space to work without interruption. Our outstanding interior design team will create your ideal modern space with organized shelving, functional desks and inspiration to get work done from the comfort of your home!

A Pleasant Space for R & R

Even if you aren’t an avid reader, you can still benefit to adding a library to your home. With the television becoming a fixture in most living rooms and bedrooms, it can be hard to “unplug” from the digital world and refocus. A custom library provides you with a space to decompress and unwind. Imagining hiding away in the library with your favorite book or magazine, listening to that popular new podcast, closing your eyes for a mindful meditation break, or sipping on your favorite beverage uninterrupted… Take a look at our Pinterest board for ideas, the possibilities are endless!

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A Private Study for Student Success

A well-designed library will provide a skillful learning center to study and complete assignments for students of all ages. If you’re currently a student, or a parent of a child who has difficulty focusing on homework, a functional library is the perfect solution to diminish distractions. Families often choose to use the kitchen table or dining room for children to do homework or study for tests; however, these rooms are often centrally located which leads to hearing noise from the rest of the house, being interrupted during assignments by other family members, and even created a situation for clutter with so many textbooks and papers around. A secluded library with a desk and appropriate lighting will minimize human nature for distraction and increases productivity. Setting up your children with a separate study space is just one of the actionable items to increase their academic success!

Searching for a design that expresses your personality and unique taste? Check out our Home Office Pinterest board for inspiration. Are you looking for something bolder? Our Unique Accent Houzz ideabook is filled with one-of-a kind design elements that are sure to inspire your own custom library. Partnering with our highly qualified and reputable team of professionals will bring the design for your luxury library to life, whether you’re creating a new home or remodeling a room in your current home!

Tom Len Custom Homes proudly serves the following areas in Chicago’s North Shore: Northfield, Glenview, Glencoe, Deerfield, Wilmette, Winnetka, Highland Park, and Riverwoods.

We have Chicagoland’s best designers on our team ready to create the in-home luxury library of your dreams!

Are you ready to create your luxury library?

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