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5 Essentials For Building Your Ultimate Master Bedroom

Is your master bedroom an inviting, cozy place for you to seek as a retreat? Or does the door remain closed to hide it’s outdated, embarrassing features from guests? When you think of your luxury home renovation or building a new custom home, the master bedroom should be a priority as it’s where people spend a significant amount of time – between sleeping, getting ready for the day, reading at night…

Designing your new master bedroom to be aligned with your lifestyle needs and desires is just as important as planning your dream kitchen or spa-inspired bathroom. The master bedroom serves as a haven for privacy, romance, and rest. We’re sharing 5 essentials for creating your special space!

The Perfect Bed

After a long day at work, imagine the peace you’d feel melting into a cozy bed, surrounded by fluffy pillows… Think about your bed as the charging station for your body and busy mind, a place to re-energize and feel safe at the end of the day. Whether your bedtime routine involves relaxing with guided meditations, diving into a good book, watching your favorite TV show,  or enjoying quality time with your partner, it’s essential to have a bed that allows you to comfortably enjoy all of those activities!  Be sure that you identify your needs and select a bed that measures up. Choosing the best mattress goes hand in hand with considering the bed frame and overall design itself.  For example, if you like to read in bed or veg out on watching Netflix, then selecting a bed that has a headboard with sufficient support to lean against will be a factor you should consider. If you and your partner have different sleep comfort levels that weighs into the decision as well!

Walk-in Closet

Do you find yourself rushing around in the morning because you can’t find your other shoe? Or is your favorite shirt crumbled up and you find yourself wasting time ironing? Consider including a spacious walk-in closet large enough to accommodate your entire wardrobe, shoes, and accessories – it’s a perfect solution AND a time saver! Eliminate the daily hunt for clothes or your lucky socks. Is it frustrating having to share a closet with your partner? Imagine walking into one of these “His and Hers”  closets! Say “Good-bye” to clutter and “Hello” to efficiency!  Bonus: We LOVE organization!

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One way to enjoy your luxury master bedroom is binge-watching your favorite TV shows and movies. Relaxing at the end of a full day? Lounging on a lazy Sunday morning? A sleek, flat screen “smart” TV completes any master bedroom. Placement and size are both important. Your TV can be mounted directly in front of your bed or hung up on the wall. Adding a big screen and a high quality sound system makes it fun to relax in the comfort of your own bed catching up on your favorite shows. Parents and children don’t always have the same choice of entertainment, another reason why it’s nice to have a private space away from the kids – no fighting for the remote!


Another important feature for the perfect master bedroom is a fireplace. A fireplace creates a focal point for the room while also adding warmth! Chicago winters are long and VERY cold, so why not design your room with comfort in mind? Ditch the three layers of blankets and light a fire instead. Speaking of warmth, a fireplace also turns up the heat and creates the perfect ambiance to spice up romance…

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Sky Lights

This feature isn’t always at the top of everyone’s priority list, but you’d be amazed at the difference a sky light – or even a roof window – can make for your bedroom! Fall asleep with the moon & stars shining down on you, and wake up with the sun’s natural light greeting you. Doesn’t that sound peaceful? And think of the positive affects that natural Vitamin D may bring! Skylights also make the room feel more spacious. Another benefit:  Save money on energy costs because the natural sunlight can heat up your bedroom and provide lighting. 

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Looking for more inspiration for your luxury master bedroom? Visit our “Bedrooms” Pinterest Board or Houzz Ideabook to see more possibilities for creating the perfect bedroom sanctuary in your dream home!

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