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5 Tips for Selecting the Perfect North Shore Neighborhood

Chicago’s North Shore suburbs are known as some of the most desired areas to live and raise families. Despite the murmur of a cooler spring house buying market, buyers still must contemplate many ideas. Are you interested in building a luxury custom home from the ground up? Tom Len has a variety of properties ready for you to take a look at as you plan your new home build! Other questions to consider when moving: What is my budget? If we are going to be rooted in the community for many years, what do we want included in our dream home?

Another key consideration is finding the right location & neighborhood. Here are 5 tips that can help you grasp a better picture of the community you’re considering and discover if it is the right fit for you and your family…

Research the Local Schools

If you have children or a baby on the way, a high quality local school district should be high on your priority list when it comes to purchasing a property. Check out where the public schools in your district are located. How would your child get to school? Is this house close enough to walk/bike everyday or only when weather permits? Is this house located on a bus route? Or does your child need to be driven to school?

Identify Nearby Amenities and Conveniences

Identifying the nearby conveniences of a neighborhood is also important to consider when selecting a neighborhood. This will determine how much time is spent commuting to places you’ll frequent, such as a nearby grocery store or the local shopping mall. Now, neighborhoods are being classified by their “walkability”, meaning how walking friendly is an area. Can you walk to nearby conveniences such as coffee shops, restaurants, and parks? Would the route take you there quickly and safely?

Consider the Commute

An important first question to ask yourself is how are you planning to commute to work? How far and how long are you willing to travel? Will you need a three car garage? Longer commutes will definitely have an impact on your time, quality of life and other commitments.

Do you drive to work? Yes, then easy access to a highway (such as IL 53 or I-294) and other major traffic arteries is crucial. Discovering which neighborhoods are in close proximity of the highway but also without the headache of loud noise and heavy traffic  will decrease your stress and add daily personal time into your schedule.

Are you using public transportation? Finding access to train stations (such as Chicago’s Metra system), bus routes, and ample commuter parking have heavy impact when choosing a neighborhood. Houses hold their value in neighborhoods that are close to the train stations because many commuters travel to the city daily. In 2018, over 75,000 riders commuted back and forth to Chicago.

Travelling to the airport regularly? Selecting a neighborhood that it is relatively close to an airport (such as O’Hare or Midway) makes a difference. While it might seem frivolous, calculating the distance and time it will take to reach the airport just might be a game changer if you fly often.

Working from home? Consider including a work space in your new home. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your own private library, study or home office? With organized shelving, modern desks and an inspirational design, imagine a quiet space for you to get work done from the comfort of your home!

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Do Your Research

How do you go about researching a neighborhood before making the big move? One way is to begin with the local police station. Asking for crime statistics will give you a better sense of the safety of a community, as well as browsing the National Public Sex Offender website. Another way you can check out a neighborhood beforehand is driving around the area, see how many homes are for sale, and talk to the people already in the area. Be sure to do this at different times of day to be sure you get the full picture. This can reveal if this neighborhood seems like a tight-knit community or more of a quiet area where everyone keeps to themselves.

Talk to your realtor about the current value of the housing market in the prospective neighborhood, its property taxes and resale value. Is this a village or town that is mature or will there be considerable future business and residential development? Usually communities that are still growing are ideal places to build your beautiful new home.

Consider Lifestyle

Lastly, the most important thing to contemplate is your lifestyle. Are you a family seeking a long term home for creating memories for a lifetime? Are you single, looking for something trendy with easy access to the city? Will multi generations be living together, creating a need for several bedrooms? How will your new home reflect your personal style and taste? Do you need a large living space for hosting events? Have you always wanted a finished basement?

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The North Shore offers many different options regarding neighborhoods, commuting, education, amenities and lifestyles. At Tom Len Custom Homes, we differentiate ourselves from other home builders for many reasons. Tom Len is a Licensed Realtor and a Managing Broker. These two invaluable real estate credentials expand Tom’s knowledge, experience and resources in finding the best properties to build a new home for our clients. Also, Tom Len’s eye for design, perfection and attention to detail is top notch. He’s earned a reputable name in Chicago’s North Shore as a builder of luxury custom homes for 20+ years. Tom Len Custom Homes is known for unique custom home designs and breathtaking home remodels.

As the North Shore’s premier builder of new luxury homes, countless clients are highly satisfied with their experience and end result! Whether you’re buying to remodel or building your new home from the ground up, we’re here to make your home dreams come true!

Tom Len Custom Homes proudly serves the following areas in Chicago’s North Shore: Northfield, Glenview, Glencoe, Deerfield, Wilmette, Winnetka, Highland Park, and Riverwoods.

Chicagoland’s best Licensed Realtor, Broker and Custom Home Builder is ready to help you find the perfect location in the North Shore suburbs to build your new custom home!

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