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Envisioning Your Luxury Home Conservatory

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Are you enchanted by the landscape and breathtaking view of your property…but feel limited in how you can enjoy it? Sure, being outside is excellent during the warmer months, except when mosquito season begins or when the weather takes a (very cold) turn during Illinois winters. It’s also possible that you are like so many of us and have seasonal allergies. This unfortunate health issue can cut beautiful days short.

Don’t lose hope; there is a fantastic way to be immersed in the beautiful nature of your property without worrying about the pesky negatives of being outside! How? By building a custom luxury conservatory for your home! Imagine getting to “be outside” worry-free, no need to think of the weather, bugs, or the time of day! These magnificent, individually crafted works of art can be an additional – and essential – element to your breathtaking custom home or home remodel.

A few of our favorite benefits of home conservatories:

Consider leveling up your indoor-outdoor home experience in style with a custom conservatory!

The History and Design of Conservatories…

Do you remember visiting public conservatories as a child and being intrigued by these majestic spaces? A conservatory is a room built on a property typically attached to the side, top floor, or end of the house. Nowadays some are even separate from the main property. It is constructed as both a room and a greenhouse, using various materials such as wood, bricks, and glass.

“When it comes to home and garden design, the trend for bringing the outdoors indoors and vice versa continues this year, with plants and foliage making their way into our abodes and our gardens becoming an extension of our living space. Conservatories and garden rooms have long been an expression of this before it became a trend in itself, and in 2021, they are set to get an upgrade. The conservatories of today are chic and ultra-modern, and where furnishings and decor in here were once an afterthought when compared with the rest of the house, this year, they will become a part of the wider aesthetic, with a move towards creating a continuous flow from room to room with a running theme throughout conservatories, lounge, and dining rooms.” Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

While most public conservatories have large dome-like windows and rooms filled from top to bottom with exotic plants, not all conservatories are designed this way. There are actually a variety of design styles and uses for these magical spaces! Here are a few common examples of the different types of home conservatory designs:

Victorian Conservatory: Are you a tea lover? The Victorian design is generally the most recognizable, with its high steel beams, whirling layout of glass, and intricate construction. Victorian architecture is classified by what was popular during the reign of Queen Victoria. During her reign, home conservatories were an enormous indication of wealth due to the shortage of iron and the ability to import exotic fruits and vegetables to grow within your private conservatory. This historical style of conservatory can make anyone feel like royalty.

Edwardian Conservatory: This design is known for the blend of modern and contemporary designs. The Edwardian can sometimes be confused with the classic Victorian design due to their stylistic similarities. The primary difference between these two elegant types of structures is Edwardians tend to have rectangular floors, long sloping roofs, and flat fronts.

P-Shape Conservatory: Its name is the literal design feature of this structure. While the P-shape conservatory may not be named after a Royalty (Victoria and Edward), it’s still just as beautiful and regal! A great versatile way to add extra space to your home.

Gable Conservatory: These are sometimes referred to as “Pavilion Conservatory” because of their rectangular shape and high arch roof, which is generally the main visual feature of the structure. They look very similar to Gable-style homes with high apex ceilings. Gable-end conservatories originated from Georgian style, of which modern gable-end conservatories are a variant.

Lean-To Conservatory: This design is generally a three-sided conservatory that leans up against the home. Even those structures that seem simple to design can be highly stylistic and blend with the home’s aesthetic pleasantly! With a simple roof and clean, straight lines, a lean-to conservatory is the optimal selection for people who want to upgrade their home with a stylish and modern space.

Envisioning Your Luxury Home Conservatory - Tom Len Custom Homes

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Envisioning Your Luxury Home Conservatory - Tom Len Custom Homes

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Layouts & Placement of Luxury Conservatories

“The best way to create a larger, airier and bright space is with a conservatory, featuring more glass than its sister the orangery, it maximizes your light, creating a natural annexe to the garden and home, what better way to spend an evening than cloudbusting or star gazing from the comfort of your own sofa.” Richmond Oak

Curious to learn how you can implement these unique designs into your home? Read on to see the uses, benefits, and placements of home conservatories to help imagine yours…

Extensions of the Property: The fantastic thing about conservatories is that they can be customized to the specific desires of the homeowner! Historically speaking, conservatories had limited design features and were often placed in the exact same location on each property. But, with these historic structures being reborn through creative trends, they are very flexible and versatile in terms of placement! Enjoy a unique “out of the box” approach by knowledgeable interior designers and home builders like Tom Len Custom Homes. Trending conservatories styles are popping up on more than just the south-facing sides of houses.

Small Conservatories as Hallways: A way to truly customize your home is building a small conservatory “hallway” between different sections of your property. This is a fast-growing trend. These stunning hallways can be a marvelous home feature that is a sure showstopper for when the family and friends come to visit or when throwing an event!

Kitchen Conservatories: Another remarkable home trend is the kitchen conservatory. Designers are turning kitchens into airy, glass spaces that celebrate bringing the outdoors into the indoors. These kitchens are incredible for entertaining guests during family gatherings and evenings for creating a nice quiet place to sip tea while reading a book.

Rooftop Getaway for Stargazers: Be dazzled by the romantic atmosphere of a star-lit conservatory! Imagine a beautiful room hidden at the top of your home, saturated with the warm hues of the setting sun or luminous glow of a full moon. Rooftop conservatories are ideal for stargazing and cozying up under warm blankets while sipping a glass of wine.

Soaking in the Sun: Conservatories are not only beautiful and a great conversation starter at any home event, but these spectacular glass rooms can let the sunlight in, unlike another room in your home! They can also serve as a private retreat for you and your family when seeking some quiet time. There are countless reasons why getting regular sunlight is good for your body, mind, and spirit; such as fighting seasonal depression, improving sleep, and reducing the health risks of fluorescent lighting. Interested in learning more about letting natural light into your home? Read our blog!

Envisioning Your Luxury Home Conservatory - Tom Len Custom Homes

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Envisioning Your Luxury Home Conservatory - Tom Len Custom Homes

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“There is no better way to bring more space and light to your home than by adding a stunning new conservatory. A conservatory by its very nature is a room with vast expanses of glass which allows natural light to pour into your home, leaving you with the perfect place to relax and recharge your energy.” Jackson Windows

Home conservatories will add a new, sophisticated level of elegance and uniqueness to your property. Conservatories symbolize the architectural understanding of modern design with a harmonious connection to nature, integrating indoor-outdoor seamlessly!

Tom Len Custom Homes is always up to date with current, cutting edge design trends for custom homes and luxury renovations. A key benefit of having such an experienced team on your side is that our creativity is sure to make your vision a stunning reality!

Contact us today to start the process of building your beautiful conservatory that is customized to your individual home aesthetic and desires. For conservatory inspiration, head over to our Houzz ideabooks or Pinterest boards to see breathtaking examples!

Tom Len and his team would love to take a look at your home and design the elegant conservatory of your dreams…

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