Home Design Trends for Fall & Winter 2020-2021 - Tom Len Custom Homes

Home Design Trends for Fall & Winter 2020-2021

After spending the past several months primarily at home, many people have realized their home decor seems dated. Are you ready to bring your home out of the quarantine blues? We don’t know how long the pandemic will last, we suggest making sure your house is a place you enjoy being in! Is it time to refresh your home with vibrant colors, new wood finishes, stunning light elements, and creative design accents?

These exciting Fall and Winter 2020-2021 home interior design trends are sure to spark joy within your home! Not sure where to begin with a design overhaul? Revamp your living space this season with these great suggestions from Tom Len Custom Homes’ expert design team

Let’s Start Outside

“Many landscape contractors were already overwhelmed with work because of the good economy, pre-pandemic. But sheltering in place gave everyone more time to notice the annoying flaws in their yards and be motivated to finally fix them.” Oregon Live

Landscaping, gardening, and general outdoor home improvement activities have skyrocketed during the shelter in place! People are spending more time outdoors in their neighborhood, noticing the other home’s exterior designs. This has created an opportunity for homeowners to showcase their personality and style via curb appeal!

Spending time outside is good for your health and improving the curb appeal is great for your increasing property value! By adding seasonal decor, fresh design details, and trending styles you can effectively boost the attractiveness of your home as well as its financial value. Plus if you’re planning to put your home on the market in the next few months, start making any final changes now before the Illinois inter settles in.

One major trend for the upcoming fall and winter months is outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting is both functional and can be beautiful! Improve the safety in your neighborhood with more lighting and find outdoor lights that represent your personal style.

Install new/replace existing outdoor lighting: This is a great way to highlight updated landscaping along your property as well as giving your home extra security. Spotlight your dazzling walkway with exterior lighting. If you have a winding driveway, line it with short lawn bulbs to draw the appreciating eye in the direction of your home.

Get into the joy of the holiday season: Have fun with color changing bulbs for your outdoor lighting. These special hues can range from lovely orange and purples for the fall to ignite spooky chic vibes, to elegant reds and pine tree greens for the winter holiday festivities. Need more nighttime curb appeal inspiration? Check out our “Evening Curb Appeal” board on Pinterest!

Home Design Trends for Fall & Winter 2020-2021 - Tom Len Custom Homes
Home Design Trends for Fall & Winter 2020-2021 - Tom Len Custom Homes

Taking a Look at the Interior…

If it’s been many years since you’ve renovated your home, it’s likely that your interior decor feels dated, bland, and gloomy. Don’t be trapped in the past with a style that no longer matches your personality! Discover new creative interior designs that can transform your home while helping to lift the spirits of the entire family.

After already spending such a long time indoors and now going into the cold seasons, many of us are longing for more time in nature. Designers all over the world have taken note to this desire to connect with the great outdoors and have infused these elements into bold, fanatically creative designs…

Biophilic design is an innovative way of blending nature, fashion and green architecture. This greentastic style is a harmonious blend of outdoor and indoor elements. Vibrant plant printed wallpaper mixed with brick and colorful rugs all tie this design style together. Soothing your mind in a holistic stylish way. Fans of this bold style love the feeling of having a green season indoors during winter months.

“Biophilic design has gained popularity over the past few years due to its positive effects on mental health. Studies have shown that incorporating natural elements into one’s home promotes a sense of balance and calm, especially in today’s tech-centric world. If plants are not your thing, try bringing in natural elements such as wood, stone, wicker, rattan, caning, or cork. You can also add photos of plants, flowers, or natural scenery.” The Interior Design Advocate

Introducing Japandi, derived from the combination of Scandinavian (Nordic) and Japanese culture. The Nordic and Japanese have been popular for their simple and functional style. Both are very minimalist designs, especially known for their clean use of black and white colors. Recently, designers have been blending these two lovely styles together to create something very special. The warm welcoming colors of the Nordic style drakes visitors while maintaining maximum use of the room with minimum furniture. Infusing the Japanese style of openness, brightness of natural light and prioritizing functionality. This design is perfect for anyone who dislikes clutter!

“The soft textures in the skins and carpets play an important role in giving warmth to the place. The optimization of the space is key, few objects are used and the furniture is very functional, that is, they usually meet different needs, such as storage.” eDecor Trends

Home Design Trends for Fall & Winter 2020-2021 - Tom Len Custom Homes
Home Design Trends for Fall & Winter 2020-2021 - Tom Len Custom Homes
Creating the Perfect Space for Remote Learning and Working

Home offices and study rooms are one of the hottest trends of 2020-2021. Along with sheltering-in-place, many Americans (adults and children) began working and learning from home. This new way of working and learning has created a huge need for designated spaces with organized shelving, modern desks, and an inspirational design! These rooms are dedicated to cater to the specific needs of everyone in the home, from offices for the parents, study spaces for college students, to e-learning classrooms for the little ones. Get design inspiration for each family member from our Houzz “Home Office” ideabook.

These specific work zones are at the top of everyone’s lists for interior design and home renovation because we don’t know how long the remote situation will last and everyone needs an environment for success. Learn more about Tom Len’s custom study rooms and modern home offices!

Step into the New Year with Fresh Floors

Sisal Rugs and Stair Covers: This natural floor covering is beautiful and also considered eco-friendly! Known for its distinctive tan, beige, sometimes creamy white color. These natural fibers are woven into these durable flooring covers great for an active household. Brighten any staircase in your home with these luxurious stair covers. If you are looking to redesign your entryway or staircases, step up your creativity with our Pinterest staircases board!

New Wood Flooring: Explore the possibilities of enhancing rooms in your home with beautifully toned wood floors. Select colors that make your home inviting and make the furniture pop!

“The primary color trends for wood floors 2021 are: whitewashed, gray, light brown, two-tone combinations and darker cool shades. About ceiling design you can read here. This year you will notice that most wood floors are inclined toward cool and desaturated color shades, all of which rarely have yellow or warm undertones.” My Decor Trends

Home Design Trends for Fall & Winter 2020-2021 - Tom Len Custom Homes
Home Design Trends for Fall & Winter 2020-2021 - Tom Len Custom Homes
Oh the Wonders of a Fresh Coat of Paint!

There are times when a fresh batch of paint can recharge the energy in a room! This technicolor splash can be the facelift your room has been waiting for. Which color is right for your home? Let’s take a look at the trending colors of 2020/2021…

Classic blues + your favorite color: Expert designers are all in agreement about classic blue beings their base color for the future. Designers are pairing this bold color with other strong colors like mauve, vermilion red, Tobacco brown, and many more.

If you’re looking to freshen up your home with new furniture, window treatments, decor or a fresh coat of paint, be sure to check out our “Color” Pinterest board for creative ways and fun palettes for integrating new colors into your home!

When you choose the Tom Len Custom Home’s team of prestigious interior designers, we promise their talents will delight you and exceed your expectations! Color transforms a home’s interior as well as the mood of the people living in it. A careful and cohesive plan will reflect your home’s beauty and functionality. Read our previous blog “Interior Design Tips for Using Color to Transform your Home” to learn more.

Make Every Room Sparkle with Luxury Accents

Adding unique accents that reflect your personal style is a sure way to transform your home into a living space you’ll love to spend time in! Let yourself be taken away to a place of bliss and luxury with rich splashes of gold, strong stones, and even have fun with crystals – yes, we said crystals!

Gold and brass hardware are bringing in warm tones and depths to kitchens and bathrooms across the country. “Gold is back in a big way, and it’s making an impact throughout your bathroom. This year, you’ll find shades of gold and brass across sinks, toilets and mirrors, along with smaller touches like hardware and faucets. This warm tone adds depth to your space, giving it in a lived-in, yet luxurious feel. Tones range from the lightest of bronze to the most daring of golds, so you can design a look that ranges from chic to antique.” Culture Southwest

Spruce up every room in your home with our “Unique Accents” ideabook on Houzz!

Stones, marble, and rare crystals are making their mark on the world in different locations of the home. These beautiful natural elements are great accent pieces! “The year 2021 will be marked by the return of marble. The colors will be white, gray, red. Seamless fluid lines and space layout will be practical and simple, but with a touch of organic and elegant comfort. Marble and wood are not the only natural materials that will be trending in the next year. Natural stone will continue to be used, not simply on the floor and walls, but also on countertops and sinks.” New Decor Trends

Entire walls in the bathroom can be lined with smooth and gem veined marble! With so many types of stones and crystals to discover, the possibilities are endless. Find even more creative accents on our Houzz “Tiles, tubs, and sinks” ideabook!

A sink that never stops sparkling? Bring a sink absolutely magical into your bathroom with a whole geode sink! These crystal lined marvels are breathtaking to behold. Since we are all spending more time washing our hands during the pandemic, why not spend this time relaxing in awe of these beautiful wonders? Get more bathroom inspiration on our “Bathroom” Pinterest board!

“For interior design there are many options and forms, so before doing anything you must have clarity on what you want. Imagine and project what you want your space to be and what you want it to emanate from it. The most advisable thing is to advise you with professionals, since this way you will avoid mistakes that can be expensive. Organize your ideas and share them with an experienced advisor so they can translate them into the space to change, to achieve a harmonious space that you can enjoy every day.” eDecor Trends

Home Design Trends for Fall & Winter 2020-2021 - Tom Len Custom Homes
Home Design Trends for Fall & Winter 2020-2021 - Tom Len Custom Homes
You don’t have take it all on at once, that’s what Tom Len Custom Homes is here for! Let’s work together to come up with a plan to end 2020 in style and start 2021 with a new look! Staircases decorated with hanging plants, new outdoor lightscapes, classic blues blending with your favorite colors, and aura elevating sinks are all steps in the right direction.
Tom Len Custom Homes proudly serves the following areas in Chicago’s North Shore: Northfield, Glenview, Glencoe, Deerfield, Wilmette, Winnetka, Highland Park, and Riverwoods.

Have any of these interior designs sparked your interest? Tom Len would love to guide you in transforming your home into a stylish masterpiece! Contact us to get started on your home renovations this season!

Interested in renovating your home with these design trends?

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