Transforming Remote Work: Luxury Home Offices - Tom Len Custom Homes

Transforming Remote Work: Luxury Home Offices

The numbers are in: According to a recent study, 97.6% of remote workers would like to continue working from home for the rest of their careers. That’s huge! With proven increased productivity, improved efficiency, and overall better work-life balance, it’s clear that both employers and employees see the value of this new way of working.

In fact, data projections show that 25% of all jobs in North America will be remote by the end of 2022. The long-term transition to remote work is well underway, along with designing luxury home offices.

Have you been enjoying the shift to a “work from anywhere” lifestyle? No commute means more time to spend with family…and sleep! Not to mention how great it is to be able to take work with you even when traveling.

Whether your company policy allows a part-time hybrid schedule or full-time remote flexibility, one thing is certain: You need a designated space in your home where you can get your best work done! Do you enjoy working from home but wish your setup was better? We can help!

The family room and kitchen island got the job done when we thought this was a temporary situation, but with the long-term outlook of hybrid and remote teams, having a permanent workspace in your home is a must for optimal job performance…

Creating the Perfect Home Office for Remote Professionals

Maybe you’re picturing a large marble desk and rose gold accents. Possibly a bright, bold accent wall? Or using a beautiful chandelier as the focal point of your office? Not sure what you need or where to begin? Allow us to guide you!

Your home office may look a lot different than your neighbor’s depending on your needs. For example, if your job functions are more data driven, you may need an organized environment with multiple monitors, a whiteboard for charts & visuals, sound-proof insulation so you can concentrate, and an ergonomic desk chair. On the other hand, if your tasks are more creativity based, you might want an art space for organizing sketches, a standing desk for the freedom to move around, optimal natural lighting, and a surround sound system to play music that sparks your best ideas.

The perfect home office is a space designed to your individual needs, tastes, and preferences. The ideal workspace for any remote worker is one that supports concentration, comfort, and joy. You’ll be spending most of your days in this room, so it’s important to make sure it’s created to your specifications and filled with things you like!

Everyone needs a quiet space where they won’t be disturbed by outdoor noises or children running around playing. Whether you work in the daytime, nights, or weekends, your home office should be a space that supports your best output. Find out how TLCH is transforming remote work with luxury home offices

Transforming Remote Work: Luxury Home Offices - Tom Len Custom Homes

Transforming Remote Work with Luxury Home Offices

Our interior designers are always up to date on the latest home designs, so you can rest knowing you’re in good hands! Let’s take a look at some of the top home office design trends for this year

Embracing an Eco-Friendly Feel

Sustainability is easily one of the top trends for 2022. If your goal is to convert your current home into an eco-friendly home, you’ve come to the right place. 73% of Americans would pay more for an environmentally friendly home, and 38% of Americans already have purchased an eco-friendly home. These figures seem to be increasing every year, and for good reason. Not only is preserving the environment an important life value among today’s homeowners, but making your home sustainable can actually increase your property value. It’s a win-win for your family and the environment!

So how can you make a home office environmentally friendly? Choosing natural, sustainable materials is a great place to start. Green materials give homeowners more options for designing their perfect custom office. These refurbished products can include natural woods, stones, and even metals! Not only are some of these sustainable materials aesthetically stunning, but they also allow you to feel good about building a home that doesn’t affect our planet in a negative way. Imagine an office with earthy colors, ample natural lighting, and lots of plants!

Transforming Remote Work: Luxury Home Offices - Tom Len Custom Homes
Transforming Remote Work: Luxury Home Offices - Tom Len Custom Homes
Designed for Optimal Comfort and Wellbeing

We’re not just referring to ergonomic desk chairs. Professionals who work at home are now asking for a space where they can relax and step away for a few minutes. Whether you’re taking your lunch break or on a long phone call, comfort is key! Let’s make sure you design your home office with a designated spot where you can step away from the desk and relax. This may look like having a large, comfy couch on the opposite wall to your desk or even a cozy built-in nook in the corner.

It’s proven that taking breaks is beneficial for productivity and creativity. Research actually shows that breaks during the workday help employees decompress and reduce stress. Choosing to take breaks somewhere else in your home is perfectly fine, however you may find yourself getting sucked into family distractions, household chores, or even start watching TV. This way you’ll stay in work mode while also giving your mind some TLC between projects. This spot can be a great place for mid-day meditation and snack time!

Transforming Remote Work: Luxury Home Offices - Tom Len Custom Homes
Staying Organized and Functional

What good is designing your own home office if it’s not organized or practical? A cluttered desk means a cluttered mind. Let’s make sure your environment is mess-free so you can concentrate on what needs to get done! When creating a home workspace, be sure to include built-in shelves and cabinets for storage; this way they are designed according to the room’s overall aesthetic and thus hidden in plain sight. With cabinets dedicated for work files, you’ll never misplace (or spill coffee on) important documents again. If you’re creative, we can include custom pull-out drawers for organizing your favorite mediums!

No matter the size of the space you’re working with, smart storage solutions will help enhance the functionality of the room. A built-in desk is sure to take up less space. Also, the type of storage you choose will depend on how you prefer to stay organized and what will fit in with the theme of your office. Do you need lots of shelves for books? Or would you prefer shelving used for decor purposes? And you don’t want to pair a large bulky filing cabinet with a minimalistic office! Fortunately, this is where the TLCH experts come in handy. Our interior designers specialize in making spaces as beautiful as they are functional.

Top 10 Home Design Trends 2022 - Tom Len Custom Homes
Shining a Light on Your Best Ideas

Ample lighting is crucial for getting your best work done! No matter your job function, you’ll want your office to provide the right amount of light no matter the time of day. Intentional window placement is key for allowing natural light to fill up your home office during the day. But what happens at night or during rainy days? Let’s make you’re set up for success in any weather with appropriate work lighting. This isn’t just necessary for you to see, but also to make sure your team can see you clearly via Zoom!

Lighting is proven to affect our energy, mood, and motivation. Choosing the best lighting and placement will surely enhance any remote office. In addition to utilizing natural light, we’ll help you find the perfect combination of functional lighting and ambient lighting. Direct overhead lights can create a glare, while lampshades offer a softer glow. Maybe you’d love to make a statement of a custom chandelier? A desk lamp can shine a lot on specific tasks like reviewing photos on your computer, while decorative lighting may draw attention to specific objects or elements of the room attributing to your office aesthetic. Did you know the TLCH team can design custom lighting fixtures? Learn more here!

Transforming Remote Work: Luxury Home Offices - Tom Len Custom Homes
More design aspects to consider for your luxury home office…
  • Multi-functional spaces: Think standing desk with a mini treadmill underneath to stay moving, or a space large enough to roll out your yoga mat during breaks. Do your kids also need a quiet space where they can focus? Share this room with them in the evenings during homework time!
  • Setting the mood with color: Calm cool tones that create a light/neutral atmosphere. These popular shades work best for stimulating the mind and increasing energy: beige; desert brown; sage green; dusty rose; smoky white; and gray-blue.
  • Choosing a theme: Scandinavian-style (popular contrasts of black and white; antique appliances), classic/traditional (think elegance, respectability and timeless luxury; expressive textures and accessories), or art deco (luxurious lamps; massive tables; reflective textures).
  • Using wallpaper to add character: Make this room pop with creativity! Choosing the wrong wallpaper can distract you from getting your work done, but choosing the right wallpaper color and pattern can help you focus on your tasks.
  • Broken-plan living rooms: Make room for your home office in an unlikely location! The key to maintaining a level of professionalism is the ability to close a door; a wall of glass that lets in light but blocks out noise is also a great solution.

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Reimagining the “Work from Home” Lifestyle with Tom Len Custom Homes

Whether you work from home five days a week or two, having a personal workspace is a great way to separate work activities from other parts of your home. Having a home office isn’t necessarily a new concept; however, what is new about these professional spaces is how people are customizing them to fit their unique needs.

If you’ve been dreaming about every detail of a chic, modern home office, don’t settle for the kitchen table! Imagine a quiet space where you can focus, designed to your personal taste and desires. Remote work isn’t going anywhere, so let’s make sure you have a permanent workspace that you truly enjoy spending time in…

The overall goal should surround the idea of designing a luxury aesthetic that promotes positive energy and a feeling of harmony. Ready to bring your “work from home” lifestyle to the next level? Let’s add the sophistication and functionality that you’ve been craving. You’ll never need to use a virtual background on Zoom again!

When you partner with the design professionals at Tom Len Custom Homes, we’ll guide you every step of the way in creating your beautiful home office. This stunning remote workspace can be included in the blueprints for a new home build or added to renovation plans to bring life to your home.

TLCH is proud to offer the talents of Chicagoland’s best interior designers and contractors to build and design the unique yet functional remote workspace you desire.

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 Team up with TLCH to create the luxury home office of your dreams…

Work from home in style, contact us today to get started.

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