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Creating a Custom Home Built for Organization

Homeownership is an exciting and rewarding prospect. It feels even more special when you can create your very own unique dream home built to your family’s needs and desires. 

While it may sound like a huge undertaking, having a personalized, custom home will pay off for many years to come once you see the finished product! If you’ve been feeling like your home is too cluttered and small, or the homes on the market aren’t using space efficiently, you’ll want to continue reading on…

Benefits of Building a Custom Home 

A custom-built home awards you the luxury of having everything designed according to your preferences, taste, and values. Your home’s design will reflect your style and make the best use of space to support your family’s lifestyle. This truly makes home sweet home a safe and comfortable haven for you and your family. 

The current housing market boasts increased asking prices and rising interest rates. If you’d like to buy a new home in this economy, it’s vital to make sure you really love the home you choose. Many buyers aren’t feeling so enthused by the homes available in their area, or feel the cost is way too high for the space.

If you can relate to this buyer’s dilemma, choosing to build a custom home may be the perfect solution for your family! Plus, today’s homes are very cookie-cutter with little personality or room for customization.

The good news? When you partner with Tom Len Custom Homes on a new build or renovations, you’ll have all the design flexibility and exciting possibilities available at your fingertips! You’ll work with our team to create luxurious yet functional spaces based on your desires. Working around your budget, you’ll be able to choose the materials, accents, and decor that help you best express yourself. And let’s not forget about the luxury amenities you can include, such as  a personal gym, sauna, movie theater, and more…

Organization is Everything 

Organization and decluttering have gained momentum all over the world these past few years, even more so since the pandemic when we started spending a lot more time in our homes. Principles of feng shui and Marie Kondo have popularized organizing techniques and encouraged people to declutter their lives and live minimally. 

Regular decluttering and disposing of extra things you don’t need can help you keep your house in order. This brings us to a key benefit of custom homebuilding: organization. Adequate and well-planned storage spaces can help you sort your belongings neatly, helping you keep your home clutter-free and feeling light! If you work from home, having a mess-free work environment is vital for productivity.

Plus, if you’re planning to sell down the road, well-kept homes with smart storage space have a higher resale value as storage space is a huge priority for homeowners. Find out more about preparing your home for a fast sale in our previous blog.

Benefits of Luxury Home Renovations & Custom Home Builds - Tom Len Custom Homes

Creating a Custom Home Built for Organization 

Not sure how to get started or what’s important for building a home with organization in mind? Between custom cabinetry, walk-in closets, and hidden pull-out drawers, there are a lot of choices! Our home design experts help you start planning, room by room. Let’s get tidy…

Closets, Closets, Closets…

There’s no such thing as too many closets. Closet organization is one thing many of us struggle with the most. In fact, there’s an old myth that having ample closet space can be the key to a happy relationship! Custom-built closets with shelves and drawers will minimize clutter, making it much easier to find your favorite accessories and plan your outfit for the day. Plus, organization promotes a calm, relaxed mind.

“While walk-in closets aren’t among the top demands of all homebuyers, they’re highly sought after among second-time homebuyers, according to the NAHB.” – Kiplinger

If you choose to go with a closet organizer, there are typically a few options:

  1. The SmartLine Closet – The smartline closet  organizer works best as it takes care of your future storage needs as well. With adjustable hanging bars and shelving, you can revamp your wardrobe according to your needs. The clear floor space not only looks spacious, but also gives you more room to store things.  
  2. Classic Closets – unlike the former, this is a floor-supported solution, which works best with both small and large walk-in closets. It offers deep shelving and drawers for storage. 
  3. Custom Walk-In Closets – consider designing customized walk-in closets tailored best organize your wardrobe! It can also serve as a dressing room for getting ready.

A range of accessories can add to the organization of your closet, helping you to maintain your belongings while juggling with limited space. Built-in laundry hampers help keep your soiled clothes out of sight and away from clean outfits. Pull-out racks for shoes or bags allow greater accessibility and visibility. Retractable valet rods are inexpensive and add extra hanging space for your wardrobe. 

To protect your valuables such as jewelry, you can add felt-lined drawers to safeguard your ornaments from hard surfaces. Documents can be stored in lockable drawers which can be made fire-resistant as well saving them from potential damage. Read our previous blog about saferooms to learn more about locking away your valuables!

Creating a Custom Home Built for Organization - Tom Len Custom Homes
Creating a Custom Home Built for Organization - Tom Len Custom Homes
Kitchen and Pantry Cabinetry

“More than 80% of prospective home buyers indicated a walk-in pantry in the kitchen is either a must-have item.” – National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)

The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most important spaces of any house, as we like to say at TLCH it’s the heart of the home! Customized kitchen storage allows you to keep all your groceries and cooking essentials organized, and easy to access. You’ll know where everything is, exactly when you need it. No more fussing with drawers jammed with too many items or having containers falling on you every time you open the overhead cupboard. 

A pantry enhances your storage capacity, giving you easy access to daily-use items and cookware. Sliding storage shelves and baskets can be added for canned and dry food storage. Pull out shelves and drawers, allow you to reach supplies that are placed in hard to reach spots. Drawers are perfect for storing cutlery, cooking utensils, as well as ready to eat snacks such as granola bars, chips, etc. 

To safely store your glassware and wines, you can opt for built-in wine racks. These make for safe storage and are aesthetically elegant, enabling you to host and entertain without any headache. Learn more about modern kitchen design elements that your family will love!

Mudrooms and Entryways

The entryway of the house usually goes ignored when building storage spaces. But gone are the days of a tiny entryway closet where everyone piles their shoes on the ground. Homeowners want to welcome guests into a clean, open space where shoes, coats, and purses can be discreetly tucked away in an organized room.

That’s where mudrooms come in. Well-designed shelves and hanging spaces can be used for coats, hats, umbrellas as well as shoes. You can incorporate smaller floor-supported storage areas for kids’ shoes. This hardware will rid your entryway of haphazardly placed coat racks, making your entrance tidy and stylish.

“The right storage strategies can create a highly functional home. While cabinetry hasn’t changed much over time, the inside of cabinets has shifted. Pullouts help bring items from the back to the front and special shelves lift heavy appliances from a lower cabinet to countertop height. Designers are also including cubbies for towels and hidden storage for items like laundry hampers.” Remodeling

Modern Kitchen Design Elements You'll Love! - Tom Len Custom Homes
The Secret to Preparing Your Home for a Fast Sale - Tom Len Custom Homes
Garage Storage

The garage often gets cluttered as that’s where most of the storage items go. But the garage is more than just a dark place to park your car and store tools. It’s a place for learning new things and making memories. A few changes to the garage interiors can convert it into a vast storage space that looks decluttered. 

Add beautifully designed cabinetry to store outdoor equipment, gardening tools, automotive parts, lubricants, maintenance tools, etc. Keeping them out of the way will give you visible floor space, making your garage look more spacious and wide. 

The walls can be used too; with heavy-duty brackets and hooks, you can keep bicycles and gaming equipment out of the way and off the floor. Boxes and baskets can be used to store smaller tools and miscellaneous items such as nails, screws, etc. 

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For the Kids…

If you have kids in the house, organization can become tougher. With an array of toys, clothes, books, accessories, and equipment, the playroom or kids’ room can get super messy and dirty. What if we told you there’s a way to make sure you never step on another Lego again? Depending on their age, we can design a functional room that can serve as a playroom and/or a study room…

An integrated desk serves as the perfect area for homework and lends extra storage within. You can incorporate cubbies and shelving alongside so toys can be displayed and off the floor at the same time. Drawers and pull-out baskets offer sufficient and versatile storage for toys, gadgets, linens, etc. 

A window can even be used as a shelf! It doubles as a reading corner and storage space for cushions, pillows, favorite toys, and more!

Designing Your New Home Build with Organization in Mind

Today’s families value health and wellness more than ever. It’s been proven that an organized space promotes peace of mind. If mindfulness is important to you, learn more about how we can design your home for maximum well-being.

Whether you’re interested in building your own unique custom home from the ground up, or renovate your existing space to maximize storage, we can help! 

At Tom Len Custom Homes, we offer custom home design + build services, as well as remodeling or interior design. If you’ve been craving extra space and a touch of luxury for greater comfort and peace of mind, you’ve come to the right place.

We have 20+ years of home build and interior design experience to guide you through the process of a luxury home remodel or a brand new custom home build. TLCH is proud to offer the talents of Chicagoland’s best interior designers and contractors to build and design the stunning living space you desire!

There’s nothing out of reach with Tom Len Custom Homes…
Less mess = less stress! What are you waiting for?

Partner with the TLCH team to start working on the blueprints for your dream home.

Let’s plan your new home design or luxury renovations in time for next construction season!

Contact us today to get organized: (847) 205-9200


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