Luxury Home Renovations for Summer 2022 - Tom Len Custom Homes

Luxury Home Renovations for Summer 2022

Did you know that about 80% of houses in the United States are at least 20 years old? Spending more time at home has given us more time to focus on our living space. Continuously adding to the list of things we love, and things we wish were different. Does that second category have more than five items you’re constantly thinking of changing in your home? It sounds like it may be time to start those luxury home renovations!

The good news, spring and summer seasons are both excellent times to begin home improvement projects. Our Midwest weather is stable enough for residential construction to get started, carrying projects all the way through the warmth of fall if necessary. So if you’ve just decided to get the ball rolling and take action, no need to worry – there’s still plenty of time to get the blueprints sorted and begin digging before construction season is over!

“The home remodeling market has been in continued expansion despite the pandemic. According to Improving America’s Housing Report by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, the home improvement market reached $281 Billion in 2021 and is expected to continue rising in 2022. The pandemic has been a boom for the remodeling industry, forcing various housing changes that encourage home improvement spending. Many homeowners were faced with the need for more space to work from home and remote learning. It fueled the continued growth in expenditures on replacement projects indoors and outdoors.” – Forbes

Will your luxury home renovations focus on replacement projects you’ve seen on Houzz, such as upgrades to roofing, siding, and windows? Do you have a Pinterest board full of inspiration for your bathroom makeover? Or maybe the purpose of your summertime home improvements are to give attention to less commonly used areas like the basement and backyard?

Whatever your home remodeling goals are, the Tom Len Custom Homes team is ready to turn your vision into reality! If you need more direction, take a look at the top luxury home improvements for summer 2022…

Luxury Home Renovations for Summer 2022

Upgrading the Backyard

“A backyard renovation is now one of the most important home improvements you can make to your home. More than ever, people are spending more time at home and therefore need a place that they can relax, escape, enjoy, entertain and really call their own. Investing in a backyard remodel can help you maximize the enjoyment of home ownership and improve the quality of life for you and your family.” The Circle Home

The best luxury backyards are designed with functionality, entertainment, and aesthetic in mind. A backyard can be used for more than lazy days by the pool. It can serve as the perfect environment for entertaining friends, celebrating special occasions, playing games with the kids, or finding peaceful solitude connecting with nature. Among some of 2022’s design trends include vibrant colors, eco-friendly materials, harmony between indoor and outdoor life, and statement lighting.

Has your barbequing game outgrown the old grill? If you need more space for working culinary magic, consider adding a fully equipped outdoor kitchen to your summer renovation plans! Spacious prep area, large grill top, ample fridge space, tv to watch your favorite shows, and more…

Are you an active family? In addition to a custom inground pool, we can make sure the pool is designed for optimal volleyball playing so you can stay active while cooling off on hot days. If you have tennis players in your family, ask about our ability to add a private tennis court to your property! Check out our “Beautiful Backyards” board on Pinterest for more inspiration…

Luxury Home Renovations for Summer 2022 - Tom Len Custom Homes
Enhancing Outdoor Aesthetics

“One of the most noticeable lifestyle changes after the pandemic is the want to spend more time outdoors. As further proof of this trend, the American Institute of Architect’s 2021 survey showed that demand for outdoor spaces rose from 61% to 71% among respondents. This trend is expected to continue in 2022.” – Forbes

When you’re designing a beautiful outdoor aesthetic, it’s ideal to create natural flowing sections on your property from the curbside appeal to the backyard. A wonderful way to achieve harmonious flow is with creative landscaping. Practical and stylistic landscaping can both add much value when creating a luxurious outdoor environment.

When remodeling your home, curbside appeal is key for enhancing overall beautification, making a good impression on guests, and even increasing your property value! Do you have a green thumb? Themed gardens and expert landscaping can be nice to include as well, they’re wonderful for showcasing your favorite plants and adding pops of color throughout your property.

According to Family Handyman: “Homeowners are paying more attention to landscaping for wildlife, which includes birds as well as bees, butterflies and small critters. In 2020, 67.2 million households purchased at least one plant because it benefitted pollinators or birds.”

Are you craving a reconnection to nature? Have you always wanted an outdoor fountain or peaceful shaded spot to read? Hire our expert landscaping team to start creating elements that enhance the look of your exterior. We’ll help break down the bulk of your projects by working on your yard in sections.

Luxury Home Renovations for Summer 2022 - Tom Len Custom Homes
Replacement Projects: It’s All in the Details

Maybe you’re not quite ready to tear down and rebuild entire rooms this year…that’s ok! There are plenty of other aspects you can upgrade both inside and outside your home that will still make the big difference you desire. Replacement projects are a popular choice for summertime renovations. These could include smaller replacements like doorknobs, cabinet handles, window treatments, and other hardware throughout your home. Larger replacements may include replacing roofing and siding, door swaps, lighting fixtures and window installations.

“A benefit of completely replacing a roof instead of just making repairs is that you can also change the entire look of your home by incorporating other exterior improvements. Be sure, however, to consult a design professional to ensure any improvements are made to look like they were originally part of your home. Updating your home’s curb appeal may be just what you need to fall in love with your home all over again.” – Riverside Construction

While certain smaller, more targeted projects seem like they won’t completely makeover a room, they will make a big difference to the people living in your home! Adding well-planned unique design accents to your home is a great way to take small steps in refreshing the energy and bringing new life to a space. If it’s been 5+ years since the last time you made any changes to the interior design in your home, odds are your house is in need of a modern refresher! This will not only make your family happy and guests feel welcomed, but it is also an investment in your property value if you ever choose to sell in the future.

Has your roof been through a lot of wear and tear from the elements? Is the siding chipped and looking old? Could you use better lighting? These might not feel like the sexiest upgrades, but they are worthwhile to the overall aesthetic and feel of your home. Work with our expert interior designers to carefully select sink hardware to make a bold statement in your bathroom, a new front door to welcome visitors properly, and cabinet handles that will make your kitchen pop once again! Be sure to read our blog about the must-have interior design trends in 2022

Luxury Home Renovations for Summer 2022 - Tom Len Custom Homes
Basements Created for Entertaining

Has the basement become one of the least used areas of the house? Is it full of storage and dust? Consider giving your basement a luxury makeover for the entire family and guests to enjoy! If you’ve been feeling like your house is shrinking, let’s expand functionality by turning your unused basement into a space for entertainment and fun.

When thinking of updating your basement, frame it in your mind as an extension of your home. You want to make sure the design and decor match the feel of the rest of the house. If your basement is unfinished or the carpet has seen better days, it’s definitely time for renovations. Consider upgrading the flooring to wood or tile to look more modern; plus those options are easier to keep clean than carpet and more sustainable. Next you’ll want to repaint the walls to freshen up the vibe! Read our blog about the power of color to learn more.

Next come all the exciting bells and whistles! After you’ve worked with our interior designers to create the feel of the room based on your style preferences and goals for the space, it’s time to add luxury amenities. Consider including a home movie theater, wine cellar, pool table, gaming area, or a custom bar. Within our “Luxury Basements” board, you’ll find the perfect design inspiration for utilizing your basement for functionality and entertainment!

Instead of an entertainment area, maybe you had your sites set on wellness amenities…we can do that too! These are all popular choices for basements: private gym, yoga studio, or a personal spa complete with a sauna and steam room.

“Creating more liveable space is a consideration for many homeowners, Zillow survey data shows. Projects that are highest on their wish lists for 2022 include adding or improving an office space (31%), finishing a basement or attic (23%), and adding an accessory dwelling unit or guest house (21%).” – Zillow

Luxury Home Renovations for Summer 2022 - Tom Len Custom Homes
Home Offices Reimagined

Since the beginning of the pandemic, most of us had to quickly adjust to working from home without having time to prepare an optimal workspace. While some employees have returned to the office full-time, most have opted for either a hybrid arrangement or completely remote. It’s clear that the work-from-home lifestyle is here to stay, statistics show that 55% of employees want to work remotely at least three days a week….and that they’d leave their current job for one that provides more flexibility, especially in the area of remote work.

According to Architectural Digest: “There will be an increase in home offices—homeowners are trading kitchen counters for more professional dedicated spaces. The Zoom fatigue is real, but so is the realization that the backdrop for those visual calls needs to step up. Allocating space for a home office often involves a reset of the room’s function. For example, sitting rooms off of bedrooms or smaller family rooms are converted. Guest rooms also do double duty, with sleepers and desks.”

Do you enjoy working from home but wish your setup was better? Are you still working in the family room, disrupted by sounds coming from the kitchen or your kids playing? Or maybe you already have a private home office, but it’s not designed in a way that supports productivity and organization. We can help!

Lighting, interior decor, and color can all heavily influence our mood and creativity. For instance, green walls help with efficiency and focus, while orange and yellow are best for imagination and creativity. Based on your job role and daily tasks, consider choosing a color for the walls that best supports the mindset you need to be your most productive self!

Other key aspects of designing a successful home office include natural lighting, ample desk space, cabinets for storage, shelves for organization, proper lighting, and of course, comfort. You can create the most modern, welcoming office space…but nothing will matter if you’re not comfortable while working! Partner with the TLCH interior designers to design the home office you need. Share your wishlist for the perfect workspace and allow them to guide you in making decisions every step of the way…

More home remodeling ideas to consider in 2022…
  • Going green: Sustainable living isn’t a trend that will be going away any time soon! Sustainable homes provide many health benefits, make a smaller carbon footprint, and reduce energy costs. When you partner with Tom Len Custom Homes, you get to choose the materials used for your home renovations. Ask us about sustainably sourced materials and we’ll make sure to meet your needs!
  • Connecting to nature: After spending a significant portion of the past two years indoors, most Americans are craving more fresh air, sunshine, and physical connection with plants. Consider bringing nature inside with an indoor conservatory or sunroom that can serve as a personal greenhouse. Imagine a space where you can tend to your favorite plants anytime of the year!
  • Welcoming natural light: The glow of natural light is an instant energy boost and mood enhancer! Every Midwesterner knows that daylight is vital during those long, cold winter nights. Harnessing the sun’s energy by allowing more natural light into your home can boost the entire family’s overall wellbeing. Talk to our team about adding more windows and even a skylight as part of your renovation project.
Luxury Home Renovations for Summer 2022 - Tom Len Custom Homes
Luxury Home Renovations for Summer 2022 - Tom Len Custom Homes

The experts at Zillow found that 72% of homeowners will consider at least one home improvement project in the coming year. Are you one of them? Summer 2022 is the perfect time for making those much needed improvements around the house, big or small.

Whether your home renovation goals include enhancing the backyard, adding more sustainable features, investing in stunning curbside appeal, giving your basement a modern makeover, or designing your dream remote workspace, the Tom Len Custom Homes team is ready to get started!

If you’re looking for more inspiration or would like to organize your ideas, Houzz and Pinterest are both great tools we recommend! Tom Len and his team of design experts are excited to help bring new life and energy back into your beloved home this year. The past two years have been an unpredictable rollercoaster and one thing is forsure: we all need a safe living space that we enjoy spending time in.

Life is too short to be unhappy with your home! Finding an existing home that fits all your criteria is going to be difficult as homes are scarce and overpriced in this market. If you’ve been on the fence about starting your home renovations this summer, let this be your sign. Don’t wait until the end of residential construction season to get started on upgrading your home…

TLCH is at your service with the talents of Chicagoland’s best interior designers and professional contractors. Tom Len is the North Shore’s reputable, premier home builder. Our many years of home design & build expertise have earned us a solid reputation for high standards, quality materials, and reliable communication. Read client testimonials to hear what our clients say about their 5-star experience!

Now is the time to begin creating a plan for your luxury home remodel! Contact us today to explore the endless possibilities for your exciting home renovations for summer 2022.

View our project gallery portfolios for more design ideas!

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