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You’ll Love These Modern Kitchen Design Elements

The kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s where meals are made, dinners are shared, and many happy family memories take place. When was the last time you gave your kitchen some TLC? Are the counters dated, cabinets chipped, and tiles cracked? Whether this space is your “happy place”, meal prep zone, or spot for unpacking takeout (no judgment here), one thing is certain: the kitchen is a heavily used space. It may be time to add some modern kitchen design elements to the mix…

High traffic areas like the kitchen and bathroom typically require updates every 5-10 years. This timeframe also depends on your goal for the space and how much you value staying current with design trends. If you prefer keeping your home fresh with modern design elements, then we recommend making renovations every 4-6 years as trending home designs and colors are constantly changing. If your goal is mostly focused on functionality, then you can likely wait 7-10 years before making major renovations and replacing vital items that have seen a lot of wear and tear.

“Over the past year, we’ve seen a growing investment in home improvement. The demand for kitchen remodels, in particular, has been increasing at a steady pace over the past few years as homeowners realize how much value a well-designed kitchen can add to their homes.” Bath Plus Kitchen

As the kitchen is the heart of the home, let’s make sure your home shines beautifully from the inside out – starting with this special space! Are you interested in making a statement with large-scale art or custom lighting fixtures? The Tom Len Custom Homes team is here to guide your exciting project with modern kitchen design elements that we know you’ll love…

Hiring a Professional Team for Your Modern Kitchen Renovations

Remodeling your kitchen is a big project and we don’t recommend tackling this yourself! Without qualified interior design and residential construction experts like TLCH leading the way, you may find your project timeline taking much longer than you had hoped…and not to mention all of the surprise obstacles that may be discovered along the way. Adding even more money and frustration to the mix.

According to a recent Houzz study: “Overall hiring of kitchen renovation professionals has jumped to 89% from 85% in 2020, its highest level in four years. General contractors continue to be hired the most frequently (53%), up significantly by four percentage points from 2021. Cabinetmakers, kitchen designers and interior designers are also being hired more frequently than last year.”

No need to reinvent the wheel! Allow our professional home renovation team to join you in this exciting endeavor – we guarantee you’ll be glad you did! When you partner with Tom Len Custom Homes, you’ll enjoy the benefits of having Chicago’s best custom home builder, interior designers, and residential contractors taking excellent care of your home from start to finish.

Making sure you work with a trustworthy, experienced professional is a MUST! Don’t let just anyone work on your family home. Renovating your home is a very big, exciting life milestone and important financial investment. Tom Len doesn’t take this job lightly. We pride ourselves in being extremely professional, respectful of our clients homes, and transparent with you every step of the way.

Ready to begin? Start getting inspiration for your luxury kitchen makeover…
Modern Kitchen Design Elements You'll Love! - Tom Len Custom Homes
Modern Kitchen Design Elements You'll Love! - Tom Len Custom Homes

You’ll Love These Modern Kitchen Design Elements

When we think of a modern kitchen design, it usually features sleek hardware, bold accents, horizontal lines, natural materials, stunning lighting, and of course, ample counter space. When you picture your dream kitchen, what do you see? A spacious marble island for preparing meals? Barstools for drinking wine and catching up with friends? Generous natural light to boost your mood while packing the kids’ lunches?

This is your kitchen, your way. If you want a custom coffee bar, we can make that happen! We’re just here to offer expert guidance and turn your vision into a reality. An added long-term bonus: Did you know that homes that feature a “luxury kitchen” sell 8% faster than similar-sized homes in the same ZIP code?

When planning your breathtaking kitchen redesign, there’s much to consider! Let’s take a look at a few must-have features for any custom kitchen…

Smart Storage Space

Optimizing the use of space is a sure way to increase the functionality of every room. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to luxury organization! Imagine a gorgeous walk-in pantry designed for organizing the kids’ favorite snacks and housing your ingredients for dinner. In fact, walk-in pantries are now the most wanted kitchen feature! According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), more than 80% of prospective home buyers indicated a walk-in pantry in the kitchen is either a must-have item or a desirable item.

Let’s not forget about using cabinets for smart storage space, imagine having a spot for every utensil, pot, pan, and specialty culinary tool. You’ll know where everything is, exactly when you need it. No more fussing with drawers jammed with too many items or having containers falling on you every time you open the overhead cupboard. There will be a place for everything your heart desires – even the spice rack. Together we’ll take the stress and mess out of cooking!

Stunning Natural Materials

Natural materials are a must for luxury kitchens! As we’ve discussed in our blog about designing sustainable homes, there are countless benefits to using natural materials. Not only are they beautiful and add something special to your home’s aesthetic, but other advantages include: environmentally friendly, health conscious, cost-effective, high quality, and longtime durability. These materials can also give your home a softer look. Did we mention they’re often easy to clean?

The kitchen countertops, island, and cabinets tend to be the most used areas of any kitchen. Plus they’re often the first thing people notice, so it’s important to choose a look that you’ll love! 41% of the interior design professionals said using different countertops on the islands from the perimeter cabinets will be a big trend this year – and we’re ready for it! Some of our favorite materials to use include quartz, stone, veined marble, warm woods, and granite.

Modern Kitchen Design Elements You'll Love! - Tom Len Custom Homes
Modern Kitchen Design Elements You'll Love! - Tom Len Custom Homes
State-of-the-Art Appliances

A luxury kitchen renovation is the perfect time to bring your appliances up to speed with today’s technology! Does your oven take forever to heat up? Do you wish you had a six-burner gas cooktop for cooking holiday meals? Other popular state-of-the-art appliances for modern kitchens include warming drawers, oversized high performing refrigerators, heavy-duty range hood for ventilation, built-in tub dishwashers, and double stainless steel ovens. And let’s not forget about fun…other must-haves include separate beverage refrigerators, ice makers, and wine chillers!

“Appliances are the backbone of your kitchen. The size and functionality of your fridge, range, and dishwasher will determine not just how your family cooks, bakes, and hangs out, but also the best layout for your space.” Designer Appliances

Today’s kitchen appliances offer many bells and whistles like smart technology for Bluetooth connection and energy efficient capabilities. Based on your family’s needs, we can create a kitchen designed specific to your unique desires. Dislike bulky appliances? Wish the fridge matched your cabinets? You’re in luck! Modern kitchen interior design emphasizes a minimalist look with built-in appliances to make maximum use of space while keeping them discreetly tucked away, blending in with the room’s aesthetic. Imagine the freezer hidden in plain sight for a smooth integrated look…

Eye-Catching Accents

Does your dream kitchen boast warm colors or bold black accents? Are you thinking of including statement pieces? Do you prefer a minimalist approach or are you going for full glam? There are a lot of choices to consider – from the paint color to flooring to sink hardware and everything in between – and it can feel overwhelming. Not to worry, you’ve come to the right place! Our expert interior designers are here to lead you with their exquisite taste and impeccable eye every step of the way. When all of the components come together to compliment the other beautifully,  you’ll know the mission was a success!

“Lighting is crucially important in a foodie’s kitchen, so getting it right can be make or break. Natural light is best during the day, but you can mimic the appearance by opting for natural lighting colours in artificial bulbs.” K!tchn

Here are some ideas for eye-catching accents that will wow your guests: custom lighting fixtures, statement islands, incorporating elements of nature, bold color choices, unique backsplashes, and breathtaking tile patterns. It can be tempting to say “I want all of those!”, but the key to a gorgeous kitchen redesign is making sure the interior design choices are elegant and flow naturally without overdoing it. We can help with that! This also serves as a fun opportunity to add your personal style to the mix. Read our recent blog about choosing unique design accents.

Modern Kitchen Design Elements You'll Love! - Tom Len Custom Homes
Modern Kitchen Design Elements You'll Love! - Tom Len Custom Homes

Open-concept kitchens are here to stay, so the next task at hand becomes choosing how to modernize this important part of your home. The kitchen is where we entertain guests, spend time with family, and of course, make all of our meals. So it’s important to give this space the attention it deserves with a modern remodel!

Renovations on a smaller scale may include upgrading window treatments, repainting the walls, and switching out cabinet hardware. More in-depth luxury kitchen renovations could look like upgrading appliances, replacing flooring, swapping out cabinets, and installing new lighting fixtures. Not to mention if you plan on selling your home in the future, tech upgrades and redesigns will increase your property value. Whatever your goals may be, Tom Len and his team of design experts are ready to help!

From custom home builds to remodels and additions, it’s our goal to make sure you love your stunning home from the ground up, inside and out. Have you been shopping around for a custom home builder or interior designer? The journey is over and you’ve arrived at the best home remodeling destination! We’re proud to offer the talents of Chicagoland’s best interior designers and contractors to build and design the stunning modern kitchen of your dreams. Partner with us to see how high-design and high-function create the ultimate luxury home!

Explore our Pinterest and Houzz to organize your ideas. View our project gallery portfolios for more inspiration!

TLCH is ready to design the gorgeous kitchen you’ve always wanted…

Now is the perfect time to start planning your home renovations, contact us today to get started!

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