Luxurious Master Bathroom Must Haves

Luxurious Master Bathroom Must-Haves

Master bathrooms are no longer built solely for functionality. In the past, we typically considered bathrooms utilitarian. Somewhere to quickly do what you need to do and then move on with your day. Not anymore! As we’ve all spent a lot more time at home these past few years, there has been a shift in the way we view and use this space.

Bathrooms went from being an afterthought to the main event. More homeowners are seeing how a well-planned luxurious master bathroom has become a valuable (and must-have) experience in their home. No need to wait for a vacation to enjoy a spa-like bathroom when you have your very own.

Why do we love master baths? They exude charm, comfort, and elegance. Offering one’s own private oasis to relax at the end of a long day or pamper yourself after a stressful work week. Not only do gorgeous bathrooms boost your quality of life, but they’re also proven to increase the value of your home. It’s a win-win all around!

Think of the rejuvenating, peaceful experience you have while relaxing at your favorite spa. Or how good it feels to release tension from the work week in a hot tub with jets at your favorite hotel. Now imagine if you could enjoy these amenities and capture those heavenly feelings within the comfort of your own home.

Upgrading Your Bathroom

Fun fact: this year alone, bathrooms have been the most popular part of the house to renovate. Does your bathroom require frequent repairs? Have you experienced problems with plumbing or ventilation? Or maybe you wish you had more counter space and better storage for your favorite toiletries? Perhaps leaky valves, cracked tiles, peeled paint, and old cabinetry plague your current setup.  These are all common signs that your bathroom is ready for a makeover!

Are you planning to sell your home down the line? Master bath renovations are a must for a fast sale! Before making changes without guidance, it’s vital to know what’s currently on trend to understand what buyers are looking for. Potential buyers may steer clear if your home still has the same bathroom layout and style from the 80’s. Today’s homebuyers want a home that already meets their needs and doesn’t require major remodeling projects after moving in.

Regardless of your situation, life is too short to settle for an old, outdated space that doesn’t make you happy. Now you may be wondering if bathroom renovations are really worth it? 100%! Bathroom upgrades not only offer you the chance to add modern design elements to your space and give your home a fresh feel. When you embark on a luxury bathroom remodel, you get to build the stunning custom master bath of your dreams – while simultaneously increasing the value of your home.

What’s not to love? Here’s some proof:

  • A bathroom remodel can up your home’s value by 3%. Minor renovations yield an approximate $1.70 increase in your home’s value for every dollar you spend on the project.
  • Nationally, the average bathroom remodel costs $26,574 in 2022 and can expect a return on investment of 60.22%
  • 93% of homeowners reported a better quality of life after a home renovation.

If you love where you live and are torn about moving, embarking on a home remodel may be just the trick to keep you in your favorite neighborhood!

Bonus: If sustainability is a concern in your household, you can rest knowing that upgrading to new technology and energy-efficient appliances will help you reduce waste and protect the environment.

Luxurious Master Bathroom Must Haves
Luxurious Master Bathroom Must Haves - Tom Len Custom Homes 3
Luxurious Master Bathroom Must-Haves

Designing the bathroom of your dreams is an exciting adventure that opens endless possibilities. Think of what features you’ve loved the most in bathrooms at resorts, spas, and hotels. Was it the heated flooring, steam shower, double sinks, or ambient lighting?

With so many options, it can feel overwhelming. But that’s where the TLCH professionals come in to do what we do best! Allow Tom Len Custom Homes to guide you with these must-haves for creating your luxurious master bathroom…


Adding prints or paintings on walls can give your bathroom a sophisticated feel, adding character. Personalize your bathroom walls with your favorite canvas or wall art.

Dark and Mood Themes

Neutrals are always in style but so are dark accents. Adding darker colors to your bathroom makes it look more dramatic but elegant. Add to its boldness with lighter walls, gold accents, and soft, muted lighting to create a warm but moody environment.

Traditional Elements

Modern, sleek bathrooms are trendy right now, But nothing beats the luxury and magnificence of a traditional bathroom. Adding classic cabinetry, vintage, larger-than-life mirrors, and hand-woven rugs will give your bathroom the ultimate royal touch.

Textures and Accents

Textured walls with solid floors are impactful by adding depth to your bathroom. The walls catch the eye and steal all your attention. Add luxe lighting and accessories in silver or gold to create a more premium look.

Luxurious Master Bathroom Must Haves - Tom Len Custom Homes 3
Luxurious Master Bathroom Must Haves
Choose High Impact Decor

Your bathroom may be sleek and simple, but your accessories can change the game. Add statement pieces that give your space the perfect hint of drama and glam. Geometric prints, leafy greens, wooden stools, and golden faucets are just some examples that are minimal but add texture to the space.

Mix of Styles

Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? For the ultimate luxury experience, mix modern and antique styles to create a unique and blended theme that is a class apart. Clawfoot bathtubs, antique and bulky cabinets, and fancy chandeliers can spruce up your modern bathroom making it a picture of elegance.

Matte Fixtures

All that glitters is not gold, and that is true for bathroom fixtures. Do away with shiny silver and gold faucets, and fixtures, cause matte accessories are here to shine. All matte accessories give a futuristic look, exhibiting a fusion of glamor and modern styles.

Custom Vanity

If we had to choose our favorite element in the bathroom, it would be the vanity. A custom vanity can be the focal point of your bathroom, offering unparalleled luxury with high functionality. Use pristine marble slabs, large mirrors to add depth, and ample lighting. Pair it with comfortable seating to offer yourself the movie star experience when you start and end your day.

Luxurious Master Bathroom Must Haves - Tom Len Custom Homes

Image Source: Behance

Luxurious Master Bathroom Must Haves - Tom Len Custom Homes 3
Frameless Shower

Adding a frameless shower makes your bathroom look bigger. Pair it with minimal and muted faucets and fixtures to keep the area light and elusive of a grander space. Frameless showers are the perfect depiction of the phrase – less is more.

Standalone Bathtub Features

Bathtubs are luxurious in themselves but standalone features add a layer of sculpted luxury to your bathroom. They can be designed and placed in eccentric layouts, adding depth and character to your space. Even smaller spaces can accommodate signature bathtubs if you go creative with the layouts.

A Pop of Color

Neutral and monochromatic schemes exude luxury and class, but a pop of color is sure to add vibrance and cheer to your space. Painting a wall a bolder color or adding a solid rug can easily add color and excitement to your bathroom, leaving behind the sobriety and seriousness of neutral spaces.

Heated Floors and Towel Rods

Heated floors and towel racks can be a game-changer for your master bathroom. No one likes to step out of a warm shower onto an icy cold floor.They are the epitome of luxury and add unparalleled comfort to your house.

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Luxurious Master Bathroom Must Haves - TOm Len CUstom Homes
Creating the Master Bathroom of Your Dreams with Luxury Renovations

As you can see, there are so many ways you can customize this sacred space in your home. Leveling up your bathroom is a task best suited for professionals. Bathroom renovations are a big undertaking and we don’t suggest taking this on yourself!

There are many details to consider; from the smallest choices like choosing tiles, to the largest decisions like selecting the best tub for your needs. When you partner with TLCH, we’ll help you design, choose, and bring your dream bathroom to life! From the lighting installations to cabinet hardware and decor accents, everything is strategically planned according to your vision. You tell us what you love and we’ll make it happen.

With the Tom Len Custom Homes team on your side, nothing is out of reach. Rest easy knowing our projects are delivered on time, within budget, and of the highest quality. Tom Len has a reputation for his impeccable eye and excellent communication with clients. We work with the best interior designers in Chicago to provide our clients with top of the line lighting fixtures, stunning statement pieces, beautiful countertop materials, and more.

Whether you’re looking to renovate for long-term enjoyment, remodel for a fast sale, or design your gorgeous custom home, you’ve come to the right place! We’re your one-stop-shop for all luxury home design and custom build needs. If you’ve realized that your bathrooms need a facelift, be sure to browse our Pinterest board or Houzz ideabook for inspiration.

Ready to refresh your living space?

Choose Tom Len Custom Homes to design the luxury master bathroom you’ve always wanted!

You dream it. We build it.

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