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Designing an Outdoor Space for Winter Enjoyment

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Regardless of the season, it’s no secret that spending time outdoors is good for our health and can even boost your mood. In fact, many homeowners are now designing their house with wellness in mind, taking advantage of all the mental health and other benefits.

But when the frigid Illinois winter rolls in and the temperature drops, most of us are ready to hibernate, comfy underneath the covers. What if we told you we have the secret to enjoying your fabulous outdoor living space all year round? After all, it’s always nice to bring the party outside for more space!

That’s right, just because it may be freezing outside, that doesn’t mean your gorgeous backyard is necessarily off-limits for the season! With smart planning, the right technology, and cozy vibes, you can still enjoy the crisp fresh air even as the snow falls. While in previous years, the cold Midwest winters may have altered your holiday plans, we have some tips to make sure you can enjoy your luxury outdoor space in all seasons…

In addition to including some personal touches that you can add on your own, we highly recommend teaming up with our expert interior designers – they work on exteriors too. If you’re creating the blueprints for your custom home or working on renovations for the new year, don’t overlook the outdoors!

Tom Len Custom Homes is ready to guide the way in designing and building the perfect outdoor space for cooking, entertaining, and relaxing in any weather. Bring the holiday festivities outdoors in style and impress everyone with your very own luxury setup.

Designing an Outdoor Space for Winter Enjoyment

The goal of designing one’s very own custom home is so you can create a living space that truly caters to all of your family’s unique needs and interests. If spending time outdoors and entertaining is important to you, then you’ll want your new home to fulfil these desires. Thoughtful design will set you up with a functional yet stunning space that will wow guests!

With today’s incredible technology, the same design elements that create your interior aesthetic can be translated to your exterior design as well. Not sure how to create the optimal lounge area or what to do first? Tom Len Custom Homes is here to get you started with some important elements to consider when designing an outdoor “room” to enjoy all year-round.

Let’s work together to weatherproof your patio and make entertaining easier than ever! Keep reading to get inspired for your luxury winter backyard experience…

Designing an Outdoor Space for Winter Enjoyment - Tom Len Custom Homes
Turn Up The Heat!

Proper heating is an essential component that will make your outdoor space cozy and warm, drawing you out of your home. Having a roof or covered porch can only do so much to defeat winter’s chill. There are many heating options that provide warmth and will also add to the exterior design! There are a variety of different kinds of heaters and heating sources (gas, electric, propane) depending on your preferences, such as:

  • electric patio heaters
  • wall mounted heaters
  • freestanding heaters

And let’s not forget about fire pits or an outdoor fireplace! Fire pit tables are all the rage these days. Fire is the original heat source and never goes out of style. If you’d like to gather around a fire and make smores, consider a built-in fire pit. If you’d like the fireplace more for aesthetic purposes and warmth, consider a custom outdoor fireplace. Whether your patio is enclosed or open, radiating heat is vital in the cold months.

Even if your outdoor living space is closed off in the conservatory, you’ll still want a heat source.

Take A Seat!

Whether you’re hosting holiday parties or just relaxing as a family, comfortable seating is a must! There are so many options for deck and patio seating designed specifically for winter coziness. Unlike summer seating, winter seating is all about cushions, pillows, throws, blankets, and deep seats.

Think long benches for seating guests around the fire pit, lounge chairs for sipping on cocktails, a deep cozy nook for late night reading, or sofas adorned with large cushions for maximum comfort while drinking hot cocoa. You’ll want your family and guests to feel as welcome, cozy and relaxed as possible. Our interior designers can help guide you in choosing the best backyard seating options that match your home’s aesthetic.

As you design this outdoor setup, keep in mind that it’s an extension of your home. You’ll want the transition from indoor to outdoor to be a seamless experience…

Designing an Outdoor Space for Winter Enjoyment - Tom Len Custom Homes

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Light It Up!

One way to beat the winter gloom is by lighting your house up, from the inside out! We’re talking hanging twinkling lights, Christmas lights, stunning chandeliers, and more. Homes that are well-lit look more inviting and warm on the coldest of nights, which is exactly what your outdoor room needs. The architecture of your outdoor space (screened in porch, outdoor kitchen, covered deck, gazebo, or pergola) will influence the best lighting choice.

Plus, ample backyard lighting not only extends the time you can be outside, but it also helps increase the safety of you and your guests. Strategically place lights around your landscaping and walkways to make sure everyone can see, this also prevents falls and injuries! Talk to our home design team to find the best way to illuminate this special space. Ask us about custom lighting fixtures and beautiful installations.

It’s All In The Details!

It’s all about accents! Accessories and personal touches make a big impact on the feel of your home. Think about the cabinet handles and door hardware. The color of your throw pillows, texture of blankets, and design of your area rug. All of these seemingly minor details make a big impact on the mood and aesthetic of your environment. Make sure you stick to a theme or style to keep your backyard flowing naturally.

You’ll want to make sure all of your selections are waterproof or weather resistant, meaning they’re protected from icy cold temperatures and freezing, wet snow. This impacts your choice of flooring, seating, lighting, decor and other materials. When designing your outdoor kitchen or lounging areas, make sure the materials are appropriate in your climate.

With so many details to consider, it may feel overwhelming – but that’s where we come in to help make it simple! Allow TLCH to guide you every step of the way with our impeccable eye. If sustainability is important to you, just let us know.

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The Fun Has Begun!

Nothing draws anyone out of the house like the promise and excitement of something fun! Designing your backyard for winter enjoyment also includes planning for outdoor activities. The goal is to make this cozy area as functional as it is entertaining. Start thinking of the types of activities you want to be prepared for.

Maybe you’ll engage the entire family on weekends by sitting around the fire roasting marshmallows and singing songs. Or maybe you’d like an outdoor projector for movie nights! When it comes to inviting guests over, a custom outdoor brick oven is perfect for make-your-own pizza nights. Also consider including an outdoor bar for mixing holiday cocktails and a hot chocolate station for the kids. And let’s not forget about mounting a large TV to watch the game or favorite shows while eating dinner outside.

Smart storage space is essential for keeping your backyard environment tidy and organized. If your family likes game night, consider building a custom storage unit that’s “hidden in plain sight” to blend in with your aesthetic while keeping all the board games in one place. Don’t worry, the TLCH team can design that, too! One of the many benefits of working with a professional home builder is that we can customize anything you want – it’s truly your home, your way.

Designing an Outdoor Space for Winter Enjoyment - Tom Len Custom Homes

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Designing a Luxury Outdoor Experience with Tom Len Custom Homes

The winter season is known for all the best holidays, but in years past we all spent this time of year cooped up inside. Whether you’re designing a custom home from the ground up or making renovations, planning a functional backyard or outdoor living space is a top priority! A well-planned outdoor space can serve as the perfect addition to your home for family nights, inviting friends over, and hosting parties. You’d be surprised at what a big impact utilizing the outdoors can make.

Enjoy the benefits of fresh air and being in nature all year-long with the perfect cozy environment. Team up with Tom Len Custom Homes to take advantage of all your home has to offer, in every season. Don’t let the winter cold and slick ice hold you back from bringing the holiday cheer outside! We’ll show you how easy it is to enjoy your terrace, deck, or balcony – even in the winter. Check out our Houzz or Pinterest for inspiration.

When you partner with our expert interior designers and premier home builder, Tom Len, you can rest assured that your house is in good hands. We’ll listen to your desires and preferences to create the luxury outdoor space of your dreams! Our team is always up to date on the latest design trends and breathtaking elements that will last the test of time.

Looking to give your outdoor space a stunning makeover? 
Start planning now to celebrate the holiday season outside next year!
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Designing an Outdoor Space for Winter Enjoyment - Tom Len Custom Homes
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