Designing Your Perfect Laundry Room with Tom Len Custom Homes

Designing Your Perfect Laundry Room with Tom Len

Doing laundry is typically a dreaded task. We see it as a tedious chore, often done in a dark, cold basement. Laundry rooms are one of the most commonly used areas of the home, yet most homeowners don’t pay much mind to the comfort, design, and functionality of this space.

There’s more that goes into designing the perfect laundry than simply picking out the appliances! Sure, the washer and dryer are vital parts of getting your clothes clean, but what about the rest of your laundry experience? Aren’t you tired of carrying heavy baskets up and down flights of stairs? When planning your remodel or new home build, don’t forget about upgrading the laundry room!

Laundry rooms don’t have to be dark, dingy, and cold. Imagine a more convenient, enjoyable space for getting your laundry done. After all, you’re spending several days a week in this room – it might as well be a good experience! Washer and dryer setups can be functional, fun, and sophisticated, while also surrounded by inviting decor and comfortable spaces. Think of this task as more of an experience. A perfect set-up and cozy laundry room is less likely to make laundry a chore and can help you relax while you get your household tasks done.

With the TLCH team, you can transform this tedious task into something more enjoyable with the right design and smart planning! So how do you build the perfect laundry room? What should you add and what needs to be considered? And what about location?

Designing Your Perfect Laundry Room

No one likes doing laundry -BUT with these expert design tips from Tom Len Custom Homes, your dream laundry room will make this chore feel easier…Think functionality, comfort, convenience, and organization. Let’s dive in!

Choosing the Best Setup: Optimize Your Washer-Dryer Combination

First things first, you have got to optimize your laundry room for efficiency. That means choosing the best washer and dryer combination for you. There are a few types commonly used: washers are either front or top load, while dryers can be gas or electric. Speaking to the local appliance store can help you choose the option that best suits your needs, or ask Tom Len for recommendations!

  • Front and Top Load – Front loaders must be elevated at least 15-20 inches, allowing for comfortable use without hurting your back. You can do so by using cabinets or pedestals. They are a good option for wheelchair users, enabling easy access.

Top-loaders can be very convenient since you don’t have to bend a lot when loading or unloading. However, they can be harder to unload for shorter people. 

  • Stackable –  If you want to save space, you can stack the washer and dryer on top of each other. However, you need to ensure proper installation so the machines work effectively and don’t topple over. Stackables are a common feature in kitchens and bathrooms. 
  • The Combo –  Instead of getting the washer and dryer separately, you can choose a machine that does both. You can use either function separately, or let the laundry get washed and dried in one go. 
Designing Your Perfect Laundry Room with Tom Len Custom Homes
Designing Your Perfect Laundry Room with Tom Len Custom Homes
1. Choose The Right Location

When it comes to laundry room design, location is key. The basement is often the go-to place for laundry rooms, so you can avoid the noise. But that requires moving your laundry from your rooms to the basement. A better idea is to keep it on the same floor where most of your laundry is. This way you can put away everything – clothes, linens, etc. immediately without moving massive loads around the house. Many of our clients like to keep their laundry room on the first or even second floor, closer to the bedrooms.

2. Make Sure The Room Is Well-Lit

Laundry rooms are often pictured as dark and dreary. But well-lit rooms are more likely to keep you at ease and look more inviting. Natural light works best so if you have a window in the room, make sure to let in as much light as possible. However, it’s also important to have adequate light in all task areas. Under cabinet light fixtures can help you light up counters, aiding you as you fold, iron, or sort your clothes. Let’s make sure you can spot treat those tiny stains!

3. Add Smart Storage

One of the most important aspects of any laundry room is smart storage. You need to have enough space to store all of your laundry supplies, as well as any other items you want to keep in the room. Installing a utility cabinet allows you to keep all your laundry supplies organized and out of sight so the room looks spacious and tidy. Keeping everything in one place allows you to see what you’re running out of and what needs to be replaced. Shelving is also an efficient use of space, it can be used to keep cleaning products and decorate!

4. Incorporate A Folding Area

The thought of folding and putting away laundry is often more daunting than doing the laundry itself. Having a dedicated folding counter in the laundry room itself can make the task a little less overwhelming. Incorporating a folding shelf works in multiple ways. You can fold laundry there and then, save yourself the time and effort of doing it later or moving it somewhere comfortable. It can also serve as counter space when you’re not folding laundry. Also consider comfort. Wouldn’t it be great to have a stool or chair to sit in while you fold? Nothing is out of the question!

Designing Your Perfect Laundry Room with Tom Len Custom Homes
5. Make Space for Hanging Clothes

Having a hanging space is convenient when you want to air-dry clothes. You can choose to install wire shelves, a clothesline, or cloth rods. Shelves come in handy when you have got limited space. If you are getting cloth rods installed, leave some space between the walls so you can fit in hangers comfortably. Having a hanging space is environmentally friendly and offers great utility for more delicate clothes.

6. Add in the Ironing Board

You can also add a built-in and custom-made ironing board to your laundry room. You can immediately iron clothes as soon as they’re out of the dryer and then put the board away. Having all these facilities in one place maximizes the utility of your room and makes doing laundry a pleasant experience. Do you like to steam too? Let’s make sure all of your favorite tools are neatly organized and accessible.

7. Add some personal touches.

Now that the must-have amenities and facilities are in place, it’s time to personalize the room to your liking! Add splashes of color, artwork, and decor pieces to make the room a reflection of your personal style and design preferences. Choose patterned backsplashes and stunning countertops to compliment them. This is a space you want to be comfortable in, so don’t hold back. Consider adding a TV to watch your favorite show while waiting for the load to finish, or install Bluetooth speakers to jam out while ironing!

Designing Your Perfect Laundry Room with Tom Len Custom Homes

Designing Your Perfect Laundry Room with Tom Len Custom Homes

No one looks forward to doing laundry, but we can transform this experience for your family! Let us help make your household choices a little easier and more convenient. These laundry room design tips are the key to creating a laundry room that is functional, inviting, and organized.

The average American woman spends 17 minutes per day on laundry, compared to only 5 minutes per day among men. If we put together 17 minutes in a day, that would total to 119 minutes in a week, and almost 60 hours in a month! Many people overlook their laundry room and think the design of this space doesn’t matter. But with as much time spent in this room, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Aside from choosing the location of your laundry room and setting up smart storage, also consider adding lounge chairs or even a couch to relax as you wait for loads to finish. Need a play corner to keep your little one in sight and occupied? We can build that, too! Your home is your haven and your laundry room shouldn’t be an exception.

Team up with Tom Len Custom Homes to create the perfect laundry environment for your family. Whether you’re working on luxury renovations or building your new custom home, let’s make sure the laundry room gets the full attention it deserves. Let’s design a home you’re proud to show off! Check out our Houzz or Pinterest for inspiration.

When you partner with our expert interior designers and premier home builder, Tom Len, you can rest assured that your house is in good hands. We’ll listen to your desires and preferences to create the luxury living space you’ve always dreamed of. Our team is always up to date on the latest design trends and breathtaking elements that will last the test of time.

Looking to give your laundry room a makeover? 
Let’s transform this tedious task into an enjoyable experience!
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Designing Your Perfect Laundry Room with Tom Len Custom Homes
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