Inspiration for Your Empty Nest Makeover

Attention parents: Are your children ready to fly out of the nest? Whether going away to college or starting their career, they’re out in the world having new adventures and creating their adult life.

While this is an exciting time for your grown children, it may not seem as thrilling to you as a parent. You’ve spent 18+ years of your lives tending to your children’s needs, putting them before your own. How are you supposed to fill your time, and the empty space in your home? Empty nesters, now is the time for you to reclaim your life, your time, and your home!

Ready to start living on your terms and maximize this new extra space? It’s time for a luxury empty nester renovation to set you up comfortably – for the rest of your life. Have you been craving more sophistication? Say hello to that wine cellar or beautiful custom bar you’ve always wanted!

The Ideal Time for Luxury Renovations

Being an empty nester is the perfect time to embark on a home remodel. 71% of empty nesters take on remodeling projects after their children leave home. In this next phase of life, you finally have the time and space to turn your house into your ideal luxury home. You no longer have to child-proof your home or refrain from going all out with your interior design whims and fancies. Isn’t it exciting?

This new version of your beloved home is going to be your haven for the next phase of your life. Imagine living comfortably in style, hosting and entertaining guests, and experiencing peace & quiet to enjoy your favorite hobbies. A stunning home remodel doesn’t just uplift your empty nest, it also adds to the value of your home, making it a long-term financial investment in your property AND your well-being. Everyone wins!

Plus, without worrying about little ones knocking over your favorite vase or getting sticky hands on fresh wallpaper, now is the time to get fancy without the fear that everything will get ruined. scuffed, or scratched. Read on for renovation ideas…

What Do You Want In Your Home?

Your home, your way. This is all about the parents! Before you set out on the empty nester makeover project, take some time to think about what lifestyle you’d like to live and the purpose of your home remodel. Here are some questions that can help you plan according to specific goals:

  • What will your lifestyle look like?
    Make a list of your hobbies, and interests, and envision how the structure of your home can support your interests. Do you want to have a peaceful life, filled with comfort, luxury, and solitude? Or do you want an exciting and social life, throwing parties and entertaining people and guests?
  • How can you use all the extra space?
    Make a list of all the spaces in your home that are largely unused, especially now that your children are gone. How and what can you do with these spaces to make them functional and aesthetic? Maybe repurpose old rooms into a home gym or an art studio? If you’re planning to age in place, we can help you plan accordingly!

2024 Renovation Ideas For Empty Nesters

Inspired to embrace your new kid-free lifestyle? Once you have decided on giving your home a new look, we can help you take action. Here are some of our top renovation ideas for 2024…

Revamp Your Master Bedroom

You have the space – why not make it super luxurious? Say goodbye to the old furniture and get a new bedroom set to inaugurate your new space. We recommend changing the flooring and upgrading the lights to refresh the space further.

You can also expand the closet and get ready in style each day. Add art pieces to reflect your sophisticated choices. Decorative full-length mirrors and accent furniture like ottomans can give the space a significant uplift.

Upgrade the Bathrooms

Ready to treat yourself to a daily spa experience within the comfort of your home? Your remodeled bathroom can offer you just that. Add a glamorous vanity with double sinks, walk-in showers with rainfall showerheads, or a jetted bathtub. Get heated floors to make your bathroom more comfortable during the chilly winters.

Turn the Basement into an Entertainment Space

With kids in the house, your basement is likely to be a teenage hangout space but now is the time to reclaim the space. You can convert your basement into an area designed to host and entertain your guests. Add a small kitchenette and set up a small bar to keep the drinks flowing! Add sectionals and sofas as required and some luxury furniture to give the space a grandiose vibe!

Modernize Your Kitchen

Has your culinary space seen better days? Are the appliances outdated, hanging on by a thread? Consider giving your kitchen a complete overhaul from the cabinets to countertops to better lighting and smart appliances. Add special touches like a wine fridge, built-in water filter, hidden storage, and more.

Design an Entertainment Room

How many times have you imagined the perfect man cave? Now is your chance to turn your spare room into an ideal space for you to relax and unwind. Install a flatscreen TV and some recliners. Set up a mini bar to stock refreshments for game nights that are bound to go on till late at night!

Create a Luxury Laundry Room

Set up a luxury laundry room in one of your spare rooms. The laundry room often gets overlooked – but there is no reason why one of your most functional rooms can not be aesthetically beautiful.

Add custom-built cabinets to store your hampers and laundry essentials. You can also add foldable iron boards that can be housed in cabinets when not in use. Adding storage and hanging areas allows you to store laundry till you store it in the right places.

Include Guest Rooms

Your children may be out of the house but you want to keep some space for them when they visit and stay. Having guest rooms allows you to host visitors, relatives, and friends when they come over.

Add queen or king-sized beds and a fresh coat of paint to your guest rooms. Install light fixtures and maintain them regularly to ensure they are in perfect condition. Set up a cupboard holding extra linens and space for guests to hang their clothes and store their belongings.

Those were just a few examples, but clearly there are countless ways you can maximize and upgrade your home! Get more inspiration from our Custom Home Gallery here.

Complete Your Luxury Empty-Nesters Renovations with Tom Len Custom Homes

Ready to add more sophistication and elegance to your living space? Level up your home for this next season of life with the TLCH team! Home renovations are the perfect opportunity for empty nesters to customize their living space and create a home that truly reflects their current lifestyle in this next phase of life.

Now that your little birds have flown out of their next, now is the time to take action to create your home your way. From upgrading your kitchen to creating a spa-like bathroom, a renovation can make a huge difference in your quality of life and love for your home. As our families change and we get older, so do our needs and desires. So why settle?

Take the first step towards your dream home with Tom Len Custom Homes! With our talented interior designer, Rachel Gilman, and skilled residential construction team, you can enjoy a rewarding and stress-free renovation experience.

Ready to make the most of your living space? Let’s make it happen!
Partner with the TLCH team in 2024 and leave the rest to us.
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